Feb 8, 2012: Today is a Great Day for the Tribe!

The high court at Hamilton saw the following events unfold:

  • Cheers Tainui!

    The judge saw through Charles Joe’s lies and deceptions in regards to Joe issuing intentionally defective meeting notices.
  • Charles Joe’s reputation is torn to shreds as his ruse is revealed in public to a packed courtroom.
  • Commonsense prevails as the judge to cut right through the Chapman Tripp BS.
  • It’s a huge defeat for Chapman Tripp as NZs largest law firm takes a battering in Hamilton.
  • Jack Hodder, Chapman Tripp’s no. 1 lawyer saw the writing on the wall and left early, leaving his junior flunkie to take the heat in the afternoon session of the court.
  • Tuku Morgan sweats hard knowing that he is personally liable after todays visit to the high court.
  • Could it be that the lure of easy Tainui money no longer exists, and Chapman Tripp disappear back to their Auckland highrise apartments.
  • Tania Martin awarded costs in light of Te Arataura’s vendetta against her.
  • The people can get along with business without inteference as the new 2011 rules prevail.
  • Democracy is the winner and its a great day for the ordinary people of Tainui!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Pikopiko
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 04:48:27

    Tania Martin has nothing to hide and never has….we have always said the truth will prevail…
    Now you Te Arataura lot.. and especially you the CEO…ARE YOU STILL GOING TO GO AGAINST THE COURT DECISION AND NOT DO WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO DO??? ….yet again???(You lot have always said if it needs to go to the court to get the final decision…then so be it! Well look at it now!!! PAY HER AND PAY FOR THE COURT COSTS…she has had enough suffering from you lot over most of the 2011 year and quite frankly all of her extended whanau have had enough! This is for YOU WRLT CEO/TE ARATAURA & TUKU….YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED…….ITS COMING!!!!!!!!!POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!! YEEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!


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