What a Clown: Jack Hodder

The chief liar over at the Chapmann Tripp firm said at court that Te Arataura needs to cancel the Te Kauhanganui meetings to maintain the status quo. And to preserve harmony. And to create a level playing field? Because of the hostilities inflicted upon Te Arataura by the chair of the tribal parliament!

Oh boo.

The status quo means that millions of tribal dollars remain unaccounted for, thats what.

This is the kind of crap that has taken millions of dollars away from iwi resources and placed it in the hands of thieving scum like Jack Hodder and Chapmann Trip.

Remember that the Chapman Tripp scum are the ones who told the Maori king to get the Te Kauhanganui meetings cancelled so that he can begin to take over the tribal assets.

Maintaining the status quo means maintaining the rip offs.

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  1. Chris Webster
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 06:32:56

    And this is what rahui papa had to say about the court action:

    From: Rahui Papa [mailto:rahuipapa@gmail.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, 23 November 2011 8:41 a.m.
    To: Tom Roa

    Cc: morgantc@ihug.co.nz; tekauhanganui.chair@gmail.com; patience.teao@hotmail.com; charles.joe@gmail.com; sonywirihana@hotmail.com; rukumoana.schaafhausen@landco.com; timi.maipi@raukura.com; mghmoana@xtra.co.nz;
    Subject: Re: Te Kauhanganui

    Kia ora Tom: Two points, I am also extremely disappointed that we are returnng to the courts. As you can appreciate, this is sometimes neccessary to ensure the organisation is kept safe.

    Tom, the accusation that you raise against the Executive is absolutely not supported. A vendetta?? Malicious persecution from the Executive??
    This statement without explanation or example is both unfair and unfounded.

    You obviously have exemplar information to support your accusation, please produce it. Knowing you Tom, I suggest you would not make wild statements that you had not carefully considered, nor had sighted compelling evidence. Rahui.


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