Feeling Vulnerable

Apparently Patsy Mclean couldn’t be more helpful in offering the staff and the resources needed to get the main Te Kauhanganui meeting underway on Sunday. Mclean has guaranteed that the owners of the building won’t be locked out, and that tea and coffee will be made available to all.

Why the sudden change of heart when only a couple of days ago Mclean was pursuing every avenue possible to obstruct the meetings. Gee it must have something to do with a high court ruling! The arrogant attitude shown towards Te Kauhanganui seems to have evaporated fairly quickly.

And to have the representatives of Hiona Marae banned from Te Kauhanganui while they were waiting for TGH’s Tama Potaka to give an opinion on the matter, which begs the question – what the hell has Tainui Group Holdings got to do with the governance matters of Te Kauhanganui? They need to realize that its the marae who choose their representatives and not outside entities. Tama Potaka should remove himself from the matter with haste, given the bias shown against Tania Martin so far.