$3 mil down the drain

With exceptional timing, the Waikato Times finally publishes an article of some substance:

Secret report reveals $3m
Tainui lawyer bill

by Karla Akuhata

Tainui’s executive committee spent more than $3 million on lawyers during the last three years, according to a confidential auditors’ report.

The tribe’s parliament will meet tomorrow to elect a new executive committee, and the report put together by financial experts KPMG is likely to be on the minds of those voting. More

Tainui’s Catch 22

Given that the Maori king has instructed many marae representatives to shun tomorrows Te Kauhanganui meeting, but those marae who do attend will cast their votes to elect a new executive committee.

The No-shows will try to sabotage the meeting, but as they won’t be at the meeting they lose their chance to vote. Its ridiculous.

And it’s a classic catch 22 situation.

The hypocrisy is compounded even further as the king’s own representative Greg Miller demands to chair the very meeting that the king is attempting to sabotage!

We’ll add that the king wants Greg Miller to chair the meeting, so that Miller can eject the Hiona Marae representatives from Te Kauhanganui.

Over the past three years the Maori king has received $6 million worth of charity donations from tribal funding! (Not a joke)

Our prediction is that there will be a full house for tomorrow’s election.