There’s Hope

Hope that the hypocrisy will stop.

For instance its come to our attention that Tuku Morgan, Charles Joe, and Parekawhia Mclean placed an ad in the Waikato Times which advertised the cancellation of last Sunday’s Feb 12 Triennial Meeting. Then they attended the meeting which they supposedly abandoned.

The Maori king told marae representatives to boycott the meeting but his own representative Greg Miller was there too.

With the so-called tribal leadership suffering from a total absence of integrity, we’re glad that some of the crooked execs got wiped out.

There were high fives all round when it was announced that Charles Joe, Patience Te Ao, Robert Tukiri, Maxine Moana, Timi Maipi (thankyou Jazz) and Tuku had been given the boot.

Tuku's Te Arataura committee leaves behind ruined finances, a bit like this wrecked locomotive

In their wake, with millions blown, they leave behind a train wreck of the tribal finances. What a pity that Rahui Papa and Rukumoana Schaafhousen didn’t get the sack too. They’re just as responsible as Tuku and co. for the mess that was left behind for the tribe to clean up.

Sonny Wilson was the only one who worked for the benefit of the people. He was the only good guy among a bunch of rotten crooks and we’re glad that he’s back in. It’s been reported that Tuku would taunt Sonny Wilson about his heart problem, by saying to Sonny that he would be glad when he’s finished off for good and that it would happen soon… look who’s gone now!

Waikato Times: Tainui leader ousted from board

by Karla Akuhata

Controversial Tainui leader Tukoroirangi Morgan has failed to get back on the tribe’s new executive board.

However, there is still a chance he could make return with one position on the committee remaining unfilled.

Morgan, who was the chairman of Tainui’s previous executive committee, has been under immense pressure with many in the tribe blaming him for a blow-out in governance costs. More