Waikato Times: Tainui leader ousted from board

by Karla Akuhata

Controversial Tainui leader Tukoroirangi Morgan has failed to get back on the tribe’s new executive board.

However, there is still a chance he could make return with one position on the committee remaining unfilled.

Morgan, who was the chairman of Tainui’s previous executive committee, has been under immense pressure with many in the tribe blaming him for a blow-out in governance costs.

Last night he failed to gain the necessary support to make it on to the tribe’s new executive board at the elections held at the Hopuhopu yesterday.

The executive committee is selected by the tribe’s parliament, which is a group of representatives from Tainui’s 68 marae. The parliament uses a voting system where each candidate must gain 50 per cent of the vote before they can be admitted to the committee.

If the ten positions are not filled in the first round of voting then another vote is taken and the two candidates with least amount of support drop off, this continues until all spots on the committee are filled.

The executive committee is usually made up of 11 members with the parliament voting on 10 and Maori king Tuheitia selecting the 11th to represent him.

With nine positions filled by 8pm last night, Morgan was up against Huhana Marshall for the last spot. However, the parliament could not decide between the two with 30 voting in favour of Mr Morgan and 30 for Ms Marshall.

Another vote was held to try and break the deadlock, however the same result returned and it was decided to leave the position unfilled until a later stage.

The meeting had started at 9am and did not finish until after 9pm. It is unknown when the last position on the committee will be filled.

Meanwhile, the man who was dumped as Tainui’s chief executive has been voted back on the executive committee.

Hemi Rau was fired as the chief executive of Tainui’s social arm in 2009 for alleging leaking information to the media but was voted on to the committee during the first round of voting.

The new board includes Mr Rau, former Tainui parliament chairman Tom Roa, Rukumoana Schaafhausen, Rahui Papa, Kingi Porima, Sonny Wilson, Tipa Mahuta, Mara Tukere, Paki Rawiri.

Tania Martin was returned as the chairwoman of the tribe’s parliament.


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