Tuku & Timi’s crony appointment… Potaka Maipi

Visitors to our blog have told us of the photo of Potaka Maipi appearing in the latest issue of the Tuku’s propaganda magazine, Te Hokioi. He appears in a group photo along with other students of the business course being carried out at the endowed college.

Potaka Maipi is the CEO of Waikato Tainui Koiora Ltd, a company that is 100 percent owned by Te Kauhanganui. The Koiora company was set up in secrecy by Tuku Morgan, Patience Te Ao, Rukumoana Shaafhousen, Timi Maipi, and Chapmann Trip lawyer Nick Wells. They didn’t bother to tell ‘the 100 percent owner’ about any of this.

They also didn’t bother to follow any kind of proper process when choosing the chief executive to run the company and no qualified candidates were sought after. Tuku and Timi got a job for their boy. That’s right, know-nothing Potaaka Maipi is a crony appointee. He’s the son of Timi Maipi, and he calls Morgan ‘Uncle’.

The rat Potaka Maipi was the one who gave false testimony against former CEO Hemi Rau when Tuku needed liars up on the stand to help get rid of Rau. Maipi also told lies about the Waikato Times reporter Karla Akuhata. Tuku and Te Arataura later got found out when Rau proved the conspiracy against him. And Tuku had to pay Rau an out of court settlement (in addition to Shaffhousen and Shane Solomon’s fake restructuring process which cost half a million) and also give a public apology statement.

Maipi was rewarded for his liars performance with the Koiora CEO position. We wonder how he feels knowing that we all know that his position was gained without merit but was a crony appointment? His dad Timi Maipi doesn’t have a problem with nepotism though.

We don’t need rubbish like this and we reckon that Potaka Maipi should be thrown out in the trash along with Tuku and Timi!

Morgan can’t get enough!

Tuku Morgan isn't a big fan of Te Kauhanganui!

Last Sunday, Tuku’s massive ego took a hammering when Te Kauhanganui refused to give him a seat on the newly elected executive committee.

Now Tuku want’s to take the tribe to the courts because he reckons that the elections were ILLEGAL!

How many times does this guy want to go to court and lose? His name is already TRASH amongst the justices of the courts!

That means more legal bills for the tribe.

But a least Tuku has to pay his own legal bills this time round!