Tuku won’t stop whining

As far as he’s concerned, he should still be the chairman of Te Arataura. His statements reek of hypocrisy:

Tuku Morgan: Tribal board meeting ‘unconstitutional’

By Yvonne Tahana

Tainui politician Tuku Morgan says an incoming tribal board meeting for the first time today is unconstitutional until his own precarious position is sorted out.

After marathon elections last Sunday which lasted more than 12 hours, Mr Morgan and another tribal member Huhana Marshall failed to pass an electoral threshold at the tribe’s parliament Te Kauhanganui. More

The crook is broke?

Chris over at Waikatopolitx is reporting that Tuku is broke.

Maybe you’ll get a couple of Tuku’s Rarotongan beachside villas for cheap, seeing that Tuku is desperate for some quick cash!