Into Disrepute?

It looks like the Te Kauhanganui member for Te Hoe o Tainui has been making unauthorized statements to the media which is a big no-no. He’s bringing Te Kauhanganui into disrepute with his non-stop blabbing. That’s enough to have him booted out premanently. He is one desperate individual!

Guess who was the first person to make threats of defamation and expulsion from Te Kauhanganui if you spoke to the media – Tuku thats who!

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  1. Charlie B
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 00:11:15

    Oh well Tuku had his chance and he blew it. He should have learnt a bit of humility and stop being so fucken arrogant.

    Put a hundred maoris in a room having a meaningful discussion on who should be boss and 99 of them will put their hand up for the job. How good is that aye bro and tall poppy syndrome, no problem, all good at Tainui.

    You can’t beat that tall poppy shit mate, good smoke that one brother.

    Meanwhile back at the castle the King of bling his Royal Highness is planning his next move no doubt so his subjects better watch it otherwise its off to the dungeons for any dissenters. Better than watching the Sopranos actually.

    Everyone has a sitdown and a bit of blood letting then the winner gets the prize until the next boss gets the urge to mount a takeover and on it goes. The Commission (Te Kauhanganui) set the rules and anyone disobey the rules and they get the DCM (dont come monday). All very orderly well done.


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