Surprise, Surprise…

Good girl!

Well, not a surprise actually, it seems that Tuku’s pet CEO has found a lawyer who says that Tuku is still the chairman of Te Arataura even though his membership of Te Arataura expired at the Triennial meeting.

She certainly is playing the role as his patsy very well


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  1. Whanau Observer
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 11:06:47

    It’s comes as no surprise to me and others of like mind that Mr. Millar did a corporate coup/takeover on TKI and Te Arataura during the voting rounds. I’m sure that by now you’ve also figured out your blind spot; Mr. Millar’s stealth move was a revenge attack from the kings office.

    There must be quite a lot of damming financial information in Te Arataura’s other black minute ledger book (KPMG) couldn’t find that links TGH to a number of unsavory transactions across a number of Trusts Mr. Millar needs to protect from the public gaze?

    Over at Chris Webster’s blog WaikatoPolitX the question posed in regards Chapman Tripp legal fees for February 2012 in my opinion is more likely to be expenses incurred in 2011 from the show down between the body corporate and governance, given that TKI and Te Arataura were operating as insolvent for the last 3 fiscal years.

    The free-for-all spend-up had to be covered up some how?

    TGH needed to dig the Trusts out of the proverbial before the creditors became aware of just how bad our finances are!

    There were certainly a lot of backroom deals made from Dec 2011 to Feb 2012!

    The question remains…what do you intend to do about it TKI – the answer is very obvious?


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