The Thieving Bastard Tuku Morgan

Just when we heard about long overdue cuts to tribal spending, the pig is at the trough all over again. Tuku demands to be paid $3,000 per day for attending iwi leader forum meetings.

Well, we can’t wait to see what Te Arataura are going to do about this?

Making Moves for the Executive Chair

It appears that Tom Roa has the inside running to retain the chairmanship for Te Arataura. Lets hope that he doesn’t get scared off by the maori king this time round.

Rukumoana Schhafhousen seems to think that she should take the chair this time, and she thinks that she has the numbers to force a takeover. Schhafhousen is personally responsible for blowing millions of Tainui dollars on executive trash, but she needs Tuku’s vote and she’s trying to get that guy back onto the executive as well.

There is an old Maori curse which says, ‘may you live in interesting times!’ We certainly do, and lets see how it all plays out this coming Saturday.


It seems that the wanton destruction of the tribal finances caused by the outgoing executive committee (Morgan, Maipi, Te Ao, Moana Tuwhangai etc.) has caused the new batch of Te Arataura executives to seek cutbacks to their own meeting fees. That’s good news, and lets see them go even further by capping executive fees and slashing spending by stopping the troughing that has become a routine feature of the executives.

It shouldn’t be hard to do after all the millions that got burned on all sorts of trash over the last few years when those fools (Morgan, Maipi, Te Ao, Moana Tuwhangai etc.) acted like they had an open check book and they weren’t too shy about it either.

Finally, some common sense is beginning to show through. We like that.

Stoner Mahuta

Te Arataura member Tipa Mahuta is seeking the Maori king’s endorsement as she attempts to take over as the chair of Te Arataura at an upcoming vote. Apparently she reckons that she can deliver a guaranteed voting bloc of herself, Rahui Papa, Shaafhoussen, and Miller on any issue that the king wants (means money!) This lot are also working hard on getting Tuku back into Te Arataura. Its been reported that Mahuta enjoys getting high with her mates on marijuana daily, but why anyone would want a dopehead as their chairperson is anybody’s guess. The madness never ceases.

Some things need to be said…

True leadership must be for the benefit of the whole tribe, not for the enrichment of a few.

  • Maori king, $2 million per year for his ‘charity’…
  • Tuku Morgan 2011, $400k plus five star perks and travel…
  • Te Arataura 2011, millions over budget and excessive troughing of the tribal funds.
  • Chapmann Tripp, $3 million over the last three years.

We ask ‘Has the situation changed for the ordinary people of this tribe?’ As you all know, the answer is NO. Things are bad, and they’re about to get WORSE!