Some things need to be said…

True leadership must be for the benefit of the whole tribe, not for the enrichment of a few.

  • Maori king, $2 million per year for his ‘charity’…
  • Tuku Morgan 2011, $400k plus five star perks and travel…
  • Te Arataura 2011, millions over budget and excessive troughing of the tribal funds.
  • Chapmann Tripp, $3 million over the last three years.

We ask ‘Has the situation changed for the ordinary people of this tribe?’ As you all know, the answer is NO. Things are bad, and they’re about to get WORSE!

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  1. Aroha Kite Whanau
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 08:16:39

    Yes it doesn’t seem to be right when a lot of our people are in poverty and suffering. All the really want is job – the ability to provide for their whanau. But its the mokpuna that really suffer as seen with the return and increased incidences of rheumatic fever, scabies, kutus.


  2. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 08:29:09

    Tena koe,

    The worst thing is that Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura gave $3 million worth of jobs to rich Auckland lawyers while our people are suffering.

    And government policy is about to to make things even worse for those at the bottom of the heap.

    Its gonna be brutal.


  3. takutairapz
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 08:45:12

    if yr facts are true y dnt u go on face book where more of our people are including the youth the poor and the privileged u will get more responses nd mite get more support stop being a coward


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Mar 03, 2012 @ 08:52:45

      As we approach 70,000 visitors to our site, we don’t really need to be on facebook although we do get lots of links coming in from FB posts. Why don’t you contribute to the issues at hand, such as the multi million dollar ripoff of tribal funds? Do you think that the Maori king should be given $2 million per year in addition to the thousands of dollars he gets from each of the 23 yearly Poukai hui, in addition to his vast landholdings and stuff like that. Is he really a charity that’s bludging $6 million from the tribe so far? Now that shit is really, really excessive.


    Mar 03, 2012 @ 14:10:32



  5. Charlie B
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 05:41:00

    How do you know he gets 2 mil a yr? Serious question is this a matter of public record because if it is true then he needs to go. I have no doubts that there is plenty of feeding at the trough but can you prove it?

    Getting rid of Morgan was a positive step but maybe the King of Huntly needs to get the flick as well. Tainui claimed for land that did not belong to them and it is a festering sore that will not heal anytime soon. Ask anyone connected to Taheke Apakura.


  6. Whanau Observer
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 10:44:19

    Dear Mr. Roa and Mrs. Martin, I want to talk about reforms across the entire TKI including TA to help members reach their full potential; we must continue to remake the relationship between the members and whanau at large. And that requires working in partnership not patronage. Waikato Tanui must define our needs and charter our futures so over time whanau can lessen their dependence on government aid and ultimately ending this aid altogether.

    With current govt policies designed to reduce financial help to unemployed Tainui people, widowed (50+), Tainui DPB beneficiaries, unemployed Tainui youth and just about everyone in-between. We need to create smart strategies and joint efforts with govt and private business partnerships I’m not talking about whanau ora initiatives.

    In this rapidly changing global environment being sidetracked by tribal politics was unhelpful however it exposed the undeniable need for TKI to lift your game to include commercial know-how and iwi professionalism. Our outlook today should include targets to invest in infrastructure to create new jobs, to be drivers in business savvy exports for growth and have the courage to be creative.

    But I must say making this shift is going to take hard work. There are many urgent issues which were highlighted by WaikatoPolitiX and Eraka’s blog, but I wish to focus on 2 reforms with 3 interconnected areas – transparency, systems and corruption – because focusing on these 3 will give us the tools needed to enable us to fund more of our own development.

    Why? Because corruption, lack of transparency, and poorly functioning systems are major barriers to WaikatoTainui’s long-term growth. Corruption – stifles entrepreneurship and it siphons money away from critical services, hurting our people who rely on those services. Poor transparency made it difficult if not impossible to determine how our Trusts raised and spent their funds, and therefore how to hold these Trusts accountable.

    Let’s be very clear our systems were poorly managed in the absence of strong sound, focused leadership. As I see it, we all have an interest in solving these problems together, to empower TKI to invest in drivers for economic growth activity and benefit. Corruption, lack of transparency, and poorly functioning systems not only erode business partnerships, it corrodes our peoples trust in one and other. It becomes more difficult for Maori communities to make progress because of the strain on many relationships.

    The other important reform must focus more effort to support Maori women as drivers of sustainable economic growth. The logic is undeniable, when Maori women prosper the benefits don’t stop with her it flows to the family and multiplies throughout our community spurring diversity in economic growth.

    And so the reform I’m talking about will in turn create a more attractive climate for private business ventures investment and partnerships. We must stage social consensus to break this vicious cycle of benefit dependence. And instead we need to create a broad based virtuous business cycle to help more of our people to pathways to self sufficiency and better communities – the way our tupuna pictured it. If you’re interested and you want my help you have my email Mrs. Martin…


  7. kata
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 12:28:59

    As a matter of interest how many tainui waikato people have or operate own business or have biz interest at Te Rapa Base. Just wondering thats all. It is an entity that could be utilised as a hand up for rangatahi who have a passion n the mechanics n varied aspect of biz- from go to woe


    • Charlie B
      Mar 06, 2012 @ 09:59:52

      Trouble is even when you put something in front of these guys who run the show the entrenched attitudes and corruption will always lurk in the back ground even if it is un spoken? That is why a massive sweep out is in order.

      A mate of mine came up with an idea for cleaning up cowshed waste off farms by working with an Australian company who have been working in this area of waste transformation to cut down sewerage and pollution for 20 yrs.

      It is turned into non toxic high grade fertilizer and he tried for three years to get Tainui interested. Unfortunately he did not say the magic words so he got no where. This stuff is interesting because it is relatively cheap to do and it works. This is not a quick fix but does have unbelieveable potential.

      He made a point of going to see Tainui three times and there was no interest?
      Other then one meeting in Brisbane Tuku would not give this guy the time of day.
      It was Tuku who encouaged the guy when it was first bought up at a Tainui meeting in Brisbane over three years ago.

      This was about creating jobs for Tainui / Waikato based people and doing something good for the Waikato river. It was never about just making money but it would have by default.

      It would appear that unless you know the magic code the movers and shakers from within Tainui will not give you sweet f** all. I make the point my mate was not asking for money. He needed support and help with dealing with Fonterra and thought Tainui would be interested. Clean up the river my black arse! bullshit.


    Mar 05, 2012 @ 13:54:45



  9. average joe
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 04:31:53

    What a croc of s*** if u ask me. The big boys up the top line their pockets while the majority of us still scrape just to get by. Does Tuheitia and Tuku or any of them at the ‘brown table’ know how much it is for bread & milk today? do they even care? This is life whanau..

    We already know the answer, the question is what can Tainui do better to create more job opportunities, health and housing at a whanau level not just for Waikato Tainui but all Maori across the motu?


    • Charlie B
      Mar 09, 2012 @ 06:32:13

      Until the punters at Tainui can elect leaders who have integrity and values that they live by there will always be the trough swillers stealing funds by any means they can in Tainui county.

      There are too many Gordon Geeko wanabes at the “brown table” and none of them have the brains to be able to create real jobs for the people. The only guy that I have seen that has serious talent and who I think is a good businessman is Mike Pohio.

      The political side, the King of Huntly and Tuku led factions are breath taking in their arrogance and stupidity. Maoris love sticking it up each other and its a regular sporting event at Tainui. We love it, we get off on it and it makes us feel better while at the same time achieving five eights of fuck all.

      All our annointed, appointed and disjointed leaders are tainted in some way and nepotism is mandatory and guarantees more of the same. Whats in it for me bro, wheres ma brown envelope bruddah. There in large part lies the problem?
      Expectation without talent or education is alive and well at the counting house,I love it, bloody funny!


  10. unhappy Tainui beneficiary
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 11:25:19

    Well I’m all for a $2 Million dollar a year pay reduction for the king. What does he need that for really… Come on… and this donation at poukai to the King also needs a rethink. Rawakore??? Pouaru??? orphaned??? isn’t that what it was originally about??? What do they get???


  11. Sam
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 04:56:53

    This is on Waikatopolitix Chris has a couple of other things up since the 5th too
    05 March 2012
    Tuheitia Paki’s ‘charitable’ shame …
    There ain’t nothing about Tuheitia Paki’s actions, status or posturing that could ever be described as ‘charitable’. He does not even appear to have a conscience. Now that is got to be a real worry.

    The 1995 Settlement is intended for the people whose families suffered raupatu in the 1860s. Tawhiao did not leave a legacy for one family to benefit. His desire was for Waikato people to create a self-sufficient economic base, supported by the strength & stability of the people.

    The 1995 Settlement is not for individuals or individuals & their families and hangers-on. And certainly not for a johnny-come-lately, previously a truck-driver & cultural adviser, TUHEITIA PAKI – TMPAKI who on 26 August 2006 was announced as the successor to his mother the late Dame Te Atairangikahu.

    But the real story began 128 years ago when Tawhiao & his supporters went to England to petition Queen Victoria. He wanted her to approve a Maori parliament & to establish an independent commission of inquiry into the confiscations of Waikato land.

    Tawhiao in his petition stressed that kingitanga movement was not separatist. He believed the movement would unify Maori, receive the queen’s protection & that the movement and the House of Windsor could peacefully exist. His petition was referred back to the NZ government which dismissed it..

    Tawhiao continued to help Maori citizens petition the government & established the Maori parliament – Te Kauhanganui.

    On 26 August 1894 Tawhiao died at Parawera and was buried at Taupiri. He left a legacy of religious (which is not certain) from which his people would draw a future dream for Tainui: the rebirth of a self-sufficient economic base, supported by the strength & stability of the people.

    Tuheitia Paki’s mother managed an annual gratuity of $250,000.00.

    Why during 2009-2011 did one family ‘receive’ or was ‘given’ (probably demanded) an average 28 per cent of the tribal purse?
    How much less is that for the 65,900 people? Why is it that they do not benefit from the settlement as intended by the legislation?

    Why does Tuheitia Paki create a charitable trust for himself & his family? Why is his name not on the documents? Why does he hide behind a legal firm? Why are his accounts not opened for inspection? What is the real reason Tuheitia Paki is hiding the monies he receives from the tribe’s coffers?

    Why was the ‘Office of the Kiingitanga’ considered ‘Out of Scope’ of the financial review? This is the information that was uncovered.

    Why not? Why does Tuheitia Paki have so much greed? The money he gets belongs to the people? The settlement is ‘for the benefit of the people of Waikato’.

    Money for jam! Why & what for? His costs are increasing – benefits are non existent.

    Tuheitia Paki is wishing real hard for a compliant & obedient TAA and TGH. He wants people that will not deny his demands. He has proven his ability. He has proven his role is purely ceremonial & thinks he should be given millions to support his fanciful ideas. He is not a monarch. Nor is he of a ‘royal’ family. Neither are his sons ‘princes’. The illusions of grandeur are laughable. He has also proven he has no shame.

    There are people inside TAA & TGH & WRLT that have the knowledge of the demands for money. Why are they staying silent? What is it that people feel obligated to keep secret? Are they afraid of what will happen? Might they lose their jobs & all those cosy perks? Are they ashamed they have endorsed this madness?

    Probably. You are in good company.

    That is the only ‘charitable’ aspect of Tuheitia Paki – he shares the fact that he has no shame.

    But we the people suffer the ignominy of it all.


  12. Sam
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 05:06:38

    Chris has the financials on his blog plus another couple of items since this posting


  13. Whanau Observer
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 10:07:41

    Dear Mr. Roa and Mrs. Martin,

    Albert Einstein once said ‘if an idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it’.

    …“TGH’s core business is property investment and development. The dividends are used for charitable purposes by our shareholder Te Kauhanganui Inc to invest in education, welfare, health, social and cultural facilities and activities, for the benefit of Waikato-Tainui members”…

    Our past history teaches us about the consequences of failed ventures and uncoordinated tribal reactions. Yet tribal history alone is an insufficient guide; our world has changed too much! We have already seen that our crisis extends beyond the river’s edge the impact is felt nationally in housing and banking sectors, and our solutions will have to be as wide in scope as the causes themselves, taking into account the complexities of the our economy.

    Now’s the time to start looking at some important priorities for us since Waikato Tainui cannot feed every person, lift every person out of poverty, offer every person a job, cure every disease, or stop every internal drama. IMPORTANTLY; what has been conferred upon us by our Tupuna is a tremendous social responsibility: to improve the living status Waikato Tainui members.

    Whilst I agree Mrs. Martin – that the problems are many and they are big. But I don’t get up every morning thinking only about the threats and dangers we face. With every challenge comes an opportunity to find promise and possibility in the face of adversity and complexity.

    You failed to mention the partnerships that can be promoted; beneficiary rights that can be reinforced; the entrepreneurship innovations that can be fostered; the people who can be empowered. After all, it is the real possibility of progress—of that better life, free from fear and executive bullying and infighting—that offers our most compelling message to our people.


  14. Charlie B
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 10:02:48

    Tainui executive do not want partnerships. They only want to be the ship, called Titanica-nui. And why would they want to stop infighting, hell wheres the fun in that mate. Beneficiary rights! whats that got to do with the price of fish.

    TGH in spite of all the debt if they get it right (inland port) then it will be a good earner for the Sopranos and all the made men in the inner circle. Tony I mean (Tuku) has lost his place as the head of the family but another of equal duplicity will arise. Out of the ashes will come another clown, glocked and loaded ready to rumble and the punters will welcome him or her with open arms. We are saved!

    Helping the tribe, why would they want to do a stupid thing like that. Charity begins at home and these fullahs and fullahlesses will always look after No 1 first.

    They follow the teachings of the corporate bible otherwise known as the “good book of Gordy Geeko”, where the mantra is Greed is good and no unauthorised stealing allowed. You fullahs go rob some other bastard, this lot is ours.


  15. tainui-ite with no title & no wealth
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 10:44:40

    Profits made by the tribe were NEVER INTENDED to clean up the MESS that colonisation has created (unemployment, low socio economic). Let the government sort that crap out. If people don’t like it, go educate yourself and get yourself jobs that will give your whanau a quality of life people. I had to do it, go through the years of sacrifice to get myself into a position where i could start applying for half way decent mahi. Not even my immediate whanau could help with that, i had to learn it and do it my big black ugly self – thru trial & error. Unfortunately our people are having hard times at Horotiu, AROHAMAI but that is the mahi they have chosen.

    Years/generations of watching my whanau do the poukai rounds, the marae fundraising, the rikata, the koroneihana voluntary mahi, the endless tangihanga to support whanau, hapu & iwi. Seems like there are people around who are Johnny Come Lately’s and want to have a say when they don’t know & aint done or seen Jack !

    There will always be the Maipi’s, Moana’s, Papa’s & whoever else wanting power, prestige & putea from their association with someone who is still growing in the mantle placed over him. And you know what, THE PEOPLE SEE RIGHT THRU u!


  16. Lightbulb
    Apr 09, 2013 @ 08:46:12

    The same can be said about John Key and members of parliament !!


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