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Heh, we didn’t think that our little post on Aug. 27 about the Maori king’s meeting with Prime Minister John Key would generate quite the dramatic response from the folks over at Waikatopolitx as it did, however we stand by our claims that the meeting took place.

John Key will pursue his divide-and-rule strategy while seeking to make deals with individual iwi over the water rights issue. As far as Key is concerned only the “maori shares plus” are up for grabs and he will dangle this carrot in front of iwi leaders by promising the biggest share to those who take the plunge first. Now, this goes well for the Maori king’s “gimme more” style of negotiation (with the emphasis on the me part) but we all know that the king does not have the authority to do this anyway (yet!)

Some of the more astute of you out there will have noted that it is obvious that John Key will need to entice one or two of the big iwi to bring the smaller ones into line… it’s also obvious that Tuku Morgan is pulling the strings of the king’s underpants in the background while holding his hand out for Key’s big cheques from the front. But don’t worry, Tuku Morgan’s duplicitous nautre is well known by Prime Minister Key and they know EXACTLY what they are dealing with.


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  1. Chris Webster
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 07:50:38

    Hey Erakablog: Thanks for reading my blog as I do yours. Good humor. But we four & also our readers & now the nation know how double-crossing Morgan is.

    Hence my call yesterday that citizen Paki would be trolled out to meet the natives – & hey presto – look at what has happened

    And then hey presto – guess who’s mouth was working & and it was not Tuheitia Paki – but the one and only rat-fink (Ngapuhi labelled islander) your mate tuku Morgan.

    But wait there is more — according to morgan ‘its all about ‘the kingitanga’

    WTF has the kingitanga got to do with water (except the obvious). Where’s there muck – there is money – & boy o boys – listen to the muck pouring out of their mouths – Funny how those zealots slide that word 9the kingitanga) in and out of conversations to justify their miserable existence


  2. Ngawai Robinson
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 07:18:30

    NZ Maori Council as seen in the eyes of the misinformed the uninformed and the wilfully ignorant gang have lost favour as the go-between- Treaty partner, or is it that Mr Key is gambling on an age old colonial mouldy strategy called the divide and conquer rule. They’ve been replaced by Mr Tuku Morgan, the iwi leader’s forum and the King [Maori Party, PM to meet over water rights NZ Herald 27/08/ 2012].

    Does it matter that the backroom deals held at the recent 2012 National Iwi Freshwater Summit at Hopu Hopu last month confirms Waikato Tainui cliques are in the back pockets of national who took a gamble at the hui and won (He Piko He Taniwha- WRRT Feb/Mar 2012).

    Does it matter that the rangatiratanga of another paramount chief Sir Tumu te Heu Heu lead chair of Iwi Chairs Group – Freshwater Forum and the Maori Party are both silent on the recent public announcements for a national hui [Hone’s insult at Maori Party over hui NZ Herald 6/09/2012].

    Does it matter that one hundred and one Māori iwi/hapu and individuals with a registered interest in Waitangi Tribunal water rights debate are being swayed by the Waikato Tainui tribal elite club to attend a hui next Thursday to give their seal of approval to the kings’ agenda [Maori MPs told to stay away from water rights hui NZ Herald 5/09/ 2012].

    Of course it does – our tikanga continues to walk on by!


  3. Chris Webster
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 11:30:23

    C: Morgan as a crown agent – is giving the fingers to his paymaster – he likes doing things like that. Morgan does not want PM KEY To be at his hui – remember he announced to the nation last year that HE was the PM. He told RNZ ‘it was immaterial & inconsequential that Crown representatives won’t be there’. Well looki-loo! The crown agent may well discover his immediate future & position at the trough of state payments is also ‘inconsequential’ (he described Kaumatua Meto Hopa who was told to F…off by citizen Paki) from the real crown agent PM KEY. Of what a delicious irony.


  4. Ngawai Robinson
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 06:35:07

    There’s a lot of whanau out there including myself who appreciate the 10 years of solid work Mr Koro Wetere put into improving the financial outcomes for all our people. His style of direction is what is the king needs right now. I would suggest to TKI they approve Mr Wetere as our negotiator. It’s pretty simple: he inherited a
    total financial mess he cleaned it up, so let’s put him back in. Please whanau -let your TKI representatives know who you want.

    Mr Wetere has a record of delivering on what he sets out to do. He holds the same values as us. I like his style of shared wealth and shared responsibility of we’re-all-in-this-together-Waikato Tainui story (TGH Annual Reports).

    I’d abandon the current plan of using Mr Tuku Morgan as the spokesperson. He’s double dipping and given his track record of demolishing Te Kauhanganui’s financial accounts, you can be sure the people of Tainui are cut out of any deals he makes with the Crown (Northland Maori leaders criticise attack on Morgan NZ Herald 23/08/2012).

    Vote Koro Wetere as our spokesperson on the water rights engagement with the Crown he’s a striking choice with over 30 years of experience in Crown dealings. He can deliver a point-by-point rebuttal on Crown attacks on water rights and bring in sweeping changes to support Waikato Tainui and Maoridom.

    The University of Waikato awarded Mr Wetere an honorary doctorate for his contributions to the well-being and the advancement of Māori affairs in 1999, and a lifetime award in 2008. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1996 for services to Māori. We have a negotiator who is a proven match for the PM Mr Keys and his team.


  5. Ngawai Robinson
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 09:03:45

    Does it matter that some blogger posts are drawing in national media attention? Are we now on the same playing field? The NZ Herald Political editor Audrey Young ran a story Sat 8/09/2012 that just happens to flesh out important historical threads I was suggesting.

    So let’s spell it out. Because of the backroom deals – was it in the plan for the King to jump ahead of the line when he called for a national hui this Thursday 13 Sept? Did he walk over the mana of another paramount chief Sir Tumu te Heu Heu lead chair of the Freshwater Iwi Leaders Forum? Should it have been Tuwharetoa leading the national invitation –since it’s the birthplace and start point of the Waikato River (Political Reviews – Polynesia Journal v8 p 187-191 1995)? Is that the reason why the Maori Party were reluctant to participate in this national hui? And who will pay the ultimate price at this hui?

    The story raised some good start points for conversation Ms Young.

    What’s missing in your piece to be honest is an analysis that points out Nationals commitment to their blue collar class; to demonise us for standing up for our right to be heard in the NZ Justice; for demonising us for insisting on fairness as a Treaty Partner in NZ’s own version of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission – the Waitangi Tribunal; for demonising the reputation of Judges who sit on the Tribunal (an orchestrated litany of lies Justice Hamon (1982). And for demonising us by denying there is an active strategy in play called the divide and conquer rule used by the non-believers so they can hide behind the Crowns failure to act with a fraction of common sense let alone good faith (Poor hand force Key the gambler to fold- up Matt McCarten NZ Herald on Sunday 9/09/2012).

    Getting back to my Raupatu korero my motivation and driver centres on what I can do as a tribal member to help the people of Te Kauhanganui to choose a wise future for us. The direction we need to take is to refocus our business to better support our social and financial economic agenda. Because the national story will benefit from the sweeping changes we make at a local level today.

    I’d rather suffer the disappointment of what may seem to many as unreasonable expectations placed upon TKI, than to see the full extent of everything we all fear become our reality. That will have a huge impact on our lives and our children’s lives for decades to come (Decades of Disparity: Ethnic Mortality Trends in New Zealand 1980–1999 and Decades of Disparity II: Socioeconomic mortality trends in New Zealand Te Ropu Rangahau a Eru Pomare 2000-2005).


  6. Smithy
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 11:45:33

    I love this blog. Tainui on the web, you have hit the nail on the head!


  7. LLTK
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 08:44:08

    Why does this blog consistently complain about the King? If you are Tainui and doing so then you are a traitor to the Kingitanga, whether you feel he is Tuku’s puppet, or feel he is trying to make money he is still our King right or wrong, if we do not respect him as our King we might as well not have the Kingitanga.
    If you are not Tainui, then what you say has no relevance and you are just jealous, either way this blog is not constructive. I too see errors in some of the way things are run, but the Kingitanga is who we are and Tuheitia by birthright and by choice of our Kaumatua is who we have for King. Paimarire


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Sep 14, 2012 @ 14:51:54

      Soon the king will have received a total of 10 million dollars of tribal money which he has taken over a short period of time. That money belongs to me and sixty thousand others. While the king and his cronies take first class trips all over the world, while he boozes and gambles on OUR tab, while his wife struts her fat body around in three thousand dollar shoes and designer threads, while his kids get motorbikes jetskis and fast cars -our people suffer hardship and unemployment while he has the gall to demand more and more money from the tribe. His latest demand is for a cool million bucks to pay for renovations at his place in Ngaruawahia.

      He don’t get my respect cos he doesn’t earn it.

      He does not represent.


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