Nothing will come of it

The water hui at TYY is happening today, and we’ll go so far as to make an obvious ‘prediction’.

A whole lot of chest-puffing and posturing will take place but it seems that prime minister John Key might well get his wish: Key will be able to deal with individual iwi and carve them up on a one-to-one basis.

It might well be the case, we will certainly be shocked if some kind of unity thing eventuates.

Either way, the double agent Tuku Morgan (who works for John Key while pretending to serve Maori) walks away with another huge government paycheck no matter what happens today. We suppose that after losing his $400,000 Tainui gig he’s after all he can get -after all he does have prostitutes (playing for both teams, apparently), mistresses and illegitimate children to support.


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  1. Ngawai Robinson
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 09:08:34

    We are in this together. The Crown has a responsibility to ensure Maori Treaty rights are actively protected – Maori have a responsibility to ensure this happens. These discussions can forge a new history in New Zealand [1987] 1 NZLR 641.
    Well done to those who worked hard to obtain a national consensus.

    The top-down approach so often used by the Crown in their discovery of Treaty issues will see a new deal negotiated with NZ Maori Council et al now that Maoridom have established a stronger foothold (Sir Eddie Durie noted the Government’s unfriendliness towards the Maori Council, saying the iwi leaders had their foot in the door. “We’ve got the door in our face.” NZ Herald 13/09/2012) on how to improve Treaty relations and property rights (Property Rights and Environment Policy: a New Zealand Perspective -The Treasury NZ).

    The Key government strategy of “no one owns the water” has been matched with the kings strategy to take back control of the River (Waikato Times 14/09/2012) as opposed to watching Mr Tom Moana and Mr Tom Roa shuffling opponents out the door (Maori TV news hour 13/09/2012).

    It also lessens the risk of smaller Iwi being unfairly treated in their negotiations with the Crown, whilst revealing the strong positions held by the larger Iwi groups – Iwi Leaders Forum (hui 14/09/2012) meaning Maoridom now have access to strong business cases that were once in the exclusive domain of Waikato Tainui and Ngai Tahu?

    It gets even better – the colonial model of the old boys club has been formally rejected by those at the hui and instead the Maori model of inclusiveness was the more popular vote on the day – pukana!


  2. Chris Webster
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 09:24:40

    No child is illegitimate.


  3. Ngawai Robinson
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 13:37:36

    Not sure if I’m on track with the thread you’re proposing – so here’s my perspective. Feel free to provide constructive criticism. National and Mr Key are on the attack using all manner of racially divisive rhetoric to demonise the NZ Maori Council for doing what they were created to do?

    The Key statement that “no one owns water” verses Tuheitias’ statement “we have always owned the water” is another one of Nationals’ tricks in their bag of orchestrated lies’ (Justice Mahon’s Report 1982).

    Those in farming and blue collar business networks enjoy being wooed by Key’s charms as he incites their bid to get rid of the Treaty for all time. Heartland NZ are in favour of legislating over Maori rights at the same time condemning all future Treaty settlements in NZ (Herald on Sunday 16/09/2012).

    Is Mr Key dabbling in the international water commodities market? Is that the reason why he is insisting on individual engagement contracts with separate iwi whilst dodging a royalties scheme discussion with Maori? While granting consent to Zodiac Holdings Ltd to take groundwater near the springs for bottled water with an expiry date of 2044. And a further consent provided to the Whangarei District Council (13/07/2011) to take millions of litres of water a day from the Poroti Springs area!

    The statement of PM Keys insisting that “no one owns water” bottle it, or tap it – sounds like water ownership to me – so WAI is this ROYAL SCHEME not available to every New Zealand Maori, hapu and iwi?


  4. Ngawai Robinson
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 13:04:50

    Isn’t it just awesome to see iwi and hapu taking centre stage on Maori rights and sovereignty. It’s a model of inclusiveness I fully support. Let’s hope future benefits will have some down-stream positive outcomes for all Maori families regardless of which hapu you belong to.

    I saw Mr Koro Wetere there- good on you matua.

    What I don’t support is the divisive colonial model of separatism so famously promoted by the Nats and mainstream media, including Te Kaea news. Looks like the media spin doctors are hell-bent on ignoring the democratically elected parliamentary voice for Waikato Tainui people?

    And what’s happened to the TKI chair and officers have they fallen off the planet? To begin with they were deliberately snubbed in their official capacity to represent us and stand up for the mana of TKI? Do they have a parliamentary opinion on the national water debate or not? Have our officers handed their speaking rights over to the sub-committee talking head Tom Roa? Whose bank account will a future compensation arrangement go into? Will it go to TKI Trust for the benefit of our people or will it go into Tuhetia’s personal bling Trust?

    Perhaps Maori media didn’t want to peel back the layers and expose a thing or two in our world of political intrigue, the inexperienced and the clueless.
    Mr Roa is walking in the shadow of Tuku Morgan his predecessor. They must be secret National supporters – because the colonial taste heartland NZ have for MORE Maori flesh is running riot at the moment (Sonny Tau national hui comments 13/09/2012).

    For the record, Mr Morgan has a bad habit of wilfully ignoring business directions issued by our parliament. He assumed a parliamentary mandate where there was none at the same time he robbed our people of millions of dollars of raupatu revenue paying Chapman Tripp legal firm for cases that he kept losing. It no surprise we’re poor!

    It’s also public knowledge that Mr Morgan and the king have like-minds in their resolve to play stupid games with Te Kauhanganui. Both boys have a very nasty propensity for demolishing our finances and ruining the reputations of some good people (iwi out in force at latest hui NZ Herald 19/09/2012).

    The current talking head Mr Roa on why the king selected Morgan is just plain weird but true. Maybe the gifted speaker has some further hidden talents that’ll come to light over the course of time – (Morgan rejected as a cultural facilitator by the Crown PM Keys 6pm One news statement 17/09/201)2.

    Mr Moana and Mr Roa the king and Mr Morgan take the cake when it comes to showing sheer stupid arrogance. Repeated public knowledge of the king swearing at our kaumatua is hugely disrespectful – but shuffling our kaumatua out the door for telling the truth is another feather of shame. The king thinks it ok when it’s not ok it’s just plain wrong Maori king! It’s even more humiliating for us all when those cultural advisors don’t stop you walking over the mana of another paramount chief. Shame on them.

    Your reputation is diminishing as each the days unfolds – blingi Tuheitia.

    The courageous hero award goes out to our brave kaumatua who made a public stand to speak on behalf of Waikato Tainui people who were unrepresented on the day. Don’t bother seeking an apology Tuwharetoa whanau- these boys don’t say I’m sorry! But I’m sorry and I apologise for the disrespect shown to your Ariki and your people.


  5. Ngawai Robinson
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 06:44:28

    Plainly speaking – it seems to me that we have another outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease in the Waikato. The disease usually starts with a fever, poor appetite, a vague feeling of being unwell, and sore throat. The outbreak symptoms’ began a couple of days after the national water hui last week.

    Mr Morgan, in a showdown with Tuwharetoa’s Ariki chose to ignore our rich history of partnerships and family ties (NZ Herald 22/09/2012). Mr Morgan and the king planned and sought to enlist your complicity in their every-king-for-himself dealings by association (NZ Herald 20/09/2012).

    The painful sores usually develop in the mouth (herpangina) lying to the motu elevates the symptoms. They begin as small red spots that blister and that often become ulcers which may also appear on the knees, elbows, and buttocks of those cultural advisors who support the avoidance bullet of responsibility and insist Waikato Tainui people and the iwi leaders subject themselves to Tainui’s new monarchist rules currently promoted by talking head Tom Roa (NZ Herald 24/09/2012).

    There is no specific treatment for foot-in- mouth disease. However, some things can be done to relieve symptoms. A public apology from the king and Mr Morgan for walking over the mana of Tuwharetoa might help as there is no vaccine to protect against the viruses that cause foot-in-mouth (egomaniacs).

    Washing hands often with soap and water from the Waikato River might contain the disease to a few locals once transmission of a public apology occurs and it can save their lives as they travel through Tuwharetoa on their way to see Mr Key.


  6. Webster Twitt
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 07:47:08

    Get a life!


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