Water Hui at Turangawaewae

It was lovely there yesterday although that cool Antarctic breeze coming up from down south could be felt. A huge turnout with the who’s who of maoridom in attendance. There was standing room only in the conference venue. Tuheitia’s speech went down a treat apparently and lets see if he can match the rhetoric with some good action. Annette Sykes got up and talked, good stuff. It was noticed that Tuku Morgan kept disappearing out back to take phone calls. He must have been giving regular updates to prime minister John Key. The backdoor deals are being cut by the iwi leaders at Hopuhopu.


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  1. tainui_bull
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 19:07:42



  2. Charlie B
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 08:40:01

    Gotta luv those back door deals aye what. Next time I see JK I will ask him what sort of backdoor deal he has got going with these IWI chappies especially that rascal Tooka Ranga the one with the oz neice who wants to be queen. Heavy water all right.


  3. Frank
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 08:17:35

    Let’s face it. Tom Roa and Hemi Rau dont have the intelligence skills or experience to negotiate with the crown. Besides they dont even have an iwi mandate. They a management committee and failing at doing that too. They still havent given a decent bloody finance report. Tom Roa an honest man? Pffff. His lust for power and money is no different from Tuku. Hemi Rau an honest man? That guy is the most dishonest man walking. He was sacked in 2009 because of media leaks. There is an underground current on this guy. The shit on him is incredible. Rau needs to chase up all those people who witnessed his wheeling and dealing behind closed doors when he was ceo beginning with tgh who will have his ass for garters. Rau deserved to be sacked cos he did do the media leaks and he lied to the iwi but he had so much shit on Morgan and this is how Rau got his confidential settlement. Watch the news cos Raus own shit is gonna hit the fan and Im gonna laugh because theyre all crooks especially Rau. At least Tuku had skills at negotiation. What does Roa and Rau have to offer. Not honesty or integrity anyway.


    • rangi
      Dec 08, 2012 @ 09:55:54

      Frank you know bigger all bro. You sound like you know the two men you criticizing but I can tell you just all plaque with your korero


  4. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 06:15:18

    Oh, I was under the impression that Roa and Rau were cleaning up the mess that Tuku and co had created when they spent millions of tribal dollars trying block tribal parliament meetings and bury the financial reports. At least under Roa and Rau the tribal reports are actually making their way out.

    You cannot compare Roa with Tuku as they are completely different animals. Lust for power and money? Not a very astute observation on your part in regards to Roa, however, very correct about Tuku.

    Look, in Rau’s not-so-confidential settlement it was found that Tuku’s allegations about Rau leaking info to the media was completely false, so Tuku had to make a public apology and the tribe was left to stump up compensation to Rau as well as pay Tuku’s own legal fees. Little wonder that Tuku Morgan’s massive ego caused the tribe to be liable for millions of dollars spent on legal fees.

    Tuku tried the same crap on Sonny Wilson too but it was all BS just like in Rau’s case. Same difference, Wilson had to be paid out too.


  5. Charlie B
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 06:32:21

    If Tuku is a paid servant of JK how come he is biting the hand that feeds him?

    “Yesterday, on Marae Investigates, Mr Morgan was asked what he thought about Mr Key saying the King was wrong about Maori owning the water. He replied: “That once again says the Prime Minister is culturally ignorant, and that’s unfortunate.”

    We all know JK is culturally iqnorant because he is dyed in the wool redneck pretending to be a sheep in wolfs clothing. Would you expect anything else from an
    ex Wall street merchant bankster.

    He had no problem committing taxpayer funds to bail out South Canterbury Finance to the tune of 1.775 billion dollars $405 for every man woman and child in the land of the long black cloud.


  6. mightyriverpeoplespower
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 10:22:38

    Can you please give some information; where and when are these Hui? and when doe the invites arrive? “The first hui is with Tainui tribes in Mr Morgan’s heartland of Hamilton. But the sessions are invitation-only”


  7. Charlie B
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 13:43:37

    This article in the Herald today 18th Sept 2012 sums up the character of this Redneck and he expects to be taken seriously by maori. This is one time I hope IWI who are running their own show wherever they are, can put aside their differences and stick it up this arrogant son of a bitch.

    “Prime Minister John Key said Maori had more positions on water than Lady Gaga had outfits”.

    This government does not give a f**k about the people or the environment and as far as they are concerned no one has any rights you have privelages. What we have today in the land of the long white cloud which was pristine 200 yrs ago to alarmingly increasing rates of pollution (Waikato River one example 70% polluted.)

    Big time to pig time. John Key is from the Ruling class and they have the power. The power does what it wants to do. This guy is going hell for leather to exploit what is left of the resources and he does not care about the environment.

    He is too dumb to understand that interfering with nature has consequences.
    The planet has been here 4 billion yrs, man has been here 100,000 yrs, guess who is leaving, it won’t be the fucken planet.

    The planet is fine it will heal itself as it has in the past and this dopey prick has no idea about spirituality connected to the land or water because he has the “man disease” too full of his own self importance and views the little brown buggars (us)
    as an unfortunate cost of having to do business. Divide and conquer works everytime.


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