Keep ’em in a state of surviving

While you’re in a state of surviving your focus is on survival rather than looking at the big picture.

While the government forces wages lower and lower to keep you all in this constant state of survival, and dependency on those who really rule you.

And you thought slavery only existed in the history books.

They’ll keep you busy by working your sorry asses harder and harder while keeping you grateful for any crumbs that get tossed your way.

But don’t worry, they’ll keep you occupied and happy with mind numbing shit like the All Blacks, Shortland Street, The Kardashians and Justin Beiber because you’ll like that.

They’ll educate your kids in their dumb and dumber education system, the very same system that they built – but refuse to send their own kids to.

They’ll pass more draconian laws that deprive you of even more of your freedoms and they’ll build more prisons so that they can lock away ‘your kind’ but not ‘their kind’.

And they’re doing all of this with your permission because you’re all asleep.

Wake the fuck up!

P.S. The Kohanga Reo movement is currently under attack by the National party’s chief house-nicker Hekia Parata.

How to rig the vote – USA style!

Fire at Huntly marae

Fire service investigates marae fire

A fire investigator will this morning attempt to uncover the cause of a blaze which has seriously damaged a large marae in the Waikato.

Several people including two families escaped unharmed from the Waahi Marae which caught alight at around midnight.

The building has been seriously damaged by the blaze. More