Mad Mike’s phantom jobs are up for grabs!

Mad Mike Pohio is doing a ‘John Key cycleway’ and reckons that his proposed Ruakura truck-stop is going to create a massive 12,000 new jobs.

Its obvious that he’s putting himself forward as a modern day ‘messiah’ so that he can convince the community and the lawmakers to give him the go ahead for his Ruakura plans.

Lets remind them of how Mad Mike Pohio never stops rattling on about how his “$3 billion” pet project will rescue New Zealand’s economy from depression, says the ‘messiah’.

Well, that’s a bit ‘rich’ considering how TGH are nearly broke. And the cash starved nearly broke Tainui Group Holdings are lobbying their Tainui owners super hard for the $80 million relativity clause top-up that’s due to be paid up soon, cos they’re nearly broke apparently.

Let’s just repeat these phrases again really slowly, “twelve thousands jobs euqals bullshit” and “three billion dollar Ruakura port equals even more bullshit”.

Psst Mike. You wanna buy a bridge?