Mad Mike’s phantom jobs are up for grabs!

Mad Mike Pohio is doing a ‘John Key cycleway’ and reckons that his proposed Ruakura truck-stop is going to create a massive 12,000 new jobs.

Its obvious that he’s putting himself forward as a modern day ‘messiah’ so that he can convince the community and the lawmakers to give him the go ahead for his Ruakura plans.

Lets remind them of how Mad Mike Pohio never stops rattling on about how his “$3 billion” pet project will rescue New Zealand’s economy from depression, says the ‘messiah’.

Well, that’s a bit ‘rich’ considering how TGH are nearly broke. And the cash starved nearly broke Tainui Group Holdings are lobbying their Tainui owners super hard for the $80 million relativity clause top-up that’s due to be paid up soon, cos they’re nearly broke apparently.

Let’s just repeat these phrases again really slowly, “twelve thousands jobs euqals bullshit” and “three billion dollar Ruakura port equals even more bullshit”.

Psst Mike. You wanna buy a bridge?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Webster Twitt
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 17:17:55

    where is you evidence to suugest otherwise, you are so full of doom and gloom…boring! Some solutions would be good or just shut the fcuk up!


  2. Charlie B
    Nov 23, 2012 @ 14:18:13

    What is SO WRONG with the basic premise of creating jobs. The numbers might be a bit out but so what? All this web site seems to want to do is promote all negative shit which makes me think it is some “intellectual token maoris” sponsored by a right wing redneck outfit with a hidden agenda.

    If Mike Pohio is so deluded then give us some answers on how jobs can be created instead of the usual rants about how gloom and doom is the desired state. It might be your desired state it is certainly not everyones.

    Do something different for a change promote something positive, Anyone can come up with negative shit but after a while it gets a bit tedious bro. We all know Tainui has got problems in need of a make over or some fucken thing but just for a change put forward some solutions or perhaps your “handlers” would not like that.

    This web site could be a force for good or it could help promote some rednecks wet dream as in lets help foment trouble at mill and take these black bastards down a peg or two. How say you bruddah?


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