Tania Martin loses vote

Its been reported that Tania Martin is no longer the Te Kauhanganui chairperson. Why were they able to vote her out in the first place? She was the elected chair wasn’t she. Earlier this year Parekawhia Mclean tried to use illegal means to remove Martin and the other Hiona representatives from Te Kauhanganui.

So does this open the way for the king’s man, the crooked Tuku Morgan to take the chair? Fool me twice all over again, so the saying goes.

The word is out that disgraced former policeman Clint Rickards is making moves for the chairmanship. Remember that Rickard’s police officer best friends kidnapped a girl and pack raped her for hours, and that technicalities prevented Rickards from being thrown into jail for his own sexual perversions (disgraceful abuse of authority, satanic sexual abuse, abuse of women with objects, etc, you know the story).

So are we to replace a woman who called for transparency and accountability with crooks, abusers, and deviants?

OMG it would only happen at Tainui!