Tania Martin loses vote

Its been reported that Tania Martin is no longer the Te Kauhanganui chairperson. Why were they able to vote her out in the first place? She was the elected chair wasn’t she. Earlier this year Parekawhia Mclean tried to use illegal means to remove Martin and the other Hiona representatives from Te Kauhanganui.

So does this open the way for the king’s man, the crooked Tuku Morgan to take the chair? Fool me twice all over again, so the saying goes.

The word is out that disgraced former policeman Clint Rickards is making moves for the chairmanship. Remember that Rickard’s police officer best friends kidnapped a girl and pack raped her for hours, and that technicalities prevented Rickards from being thrown into jail for his own sexual perversions (disgraceful abuse of authority, satanic sexual abuse, abuse of women with objects, etc, you know the story).

So are we to replace a woman who called for transparency and accountability with crooks, abusers, and deviants?

OMG it would only happen at Tainui!

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  1. Theresa Aperehama
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 06:09:57

    Tena koe Eraka.

    I am in total agreeance with your thoughts on this take! ‘Took all your money morgan’ is the one bringing our Iwi into disrepute and I don’t want that sick prick Rickard to have anything to do with the leadership of our people. He barely scraped out of that Louise Nicholas rape case because he has friends in high places but mud sticks. I don’t want either of those clowns running anything in Tainui…they bring shame upon us! Tania was the only person with Mana in this debarcle. That is disgraceful. Thankyou for telling me what I could see happening because now I know I’m not the only one who can see this. Kia ora.


  2. rehutai
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 08:17:50

    Misogyny, bullying, blind obedience, and re-inventing history appear to be the qualities embraced by tribal representatives at the moment, fortunately the shelf life of these (qualities) is temporary, if in doubt remember the adage ‘you can fool some of the people’ etc


  3. c
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 08:53:52

    wata message they sent ‘lets kick out the honest’ … cause they damm well kno they couldnt get away with their crooked business while tania was chairperson… we are definatly doomed now waikato- tainui…


  4. Te Reo
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 05:59:38

    the person that has this blog up seriously is this getting you anywhere at all or do you just get your frills over tainui conflict i suggest you remove this page there is a word that i have for you and that word is karma i also came across a verbal abusive comment towards my grandfarther on here which i did not like at all i think this page is unfair my grandfather is a very sick person and how dare you write that about him. seriously get a rope


  5. Smithy
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 13:32:54

    That is shocking to hear and have a child abuser in such position.


  6. Frank
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 08:49:04

    Martin is no fool. To many people out there are not going to let her walk away from this to easily. She has more integrity and loyalty for the iwi in her little finger then any of those fukwits. All you assholes can do is crticise. We let a wahine toa get fuken treated bad and blame it on a structur. What a fuken joke. Shes the only one that sweat it for the grassroots that why I know she be back. She got class/


  7. Rangatira
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 06:46:36

    Martin got paid out $150 000 over the past two years and had her legal fees paid out as well she is just as money hungry as the rest mate


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Dec 20, 2012 @ 18:15:07

      I thought the figure was more like $180,000 but that it was made up of mostly her legal defense costs… and so it should be for the chairperson of Te Kauhanganui… Tom Roa’s legal fees were covered by the tribe when he took Tuku to the high court when Tom was the chair of Te Kauhanganui back in ’08 or ’09 I think. But compare that with the free spending of Tuku Morgan – $3 million in law costs – not his money, our money. Now that’s where the real problem is!!


  8. Frank
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 02:57:33

    Tuku rangatira, imean rangatira. Tryin to dirty martin aint gonna help your case fukwit. She beat your ass to a pulp. Tom roa musta been an alright guy back then, Didnt know he took the fukwit morgan to court to.


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