This is goodbye

We’ve had enough of all the Tainui corruption, Rangi pretending to be the king, the stipid king himself -and all the other ballyhoo going on at Tainui. We’ve decided to call it quits. Good bye. (for the rest of the year)


Merry Christmas…

We are wondering how Christmas day went for the 270,000 poverty stricken children in Aotearoa…


Constitutional change

Guess who is working thru the holiday break to put you-know-who at the top as Tainui’s chief dicktator.

To change the constitution and place themselves and their fake king at the top of the food chain.

They’re doing this because you lot are all distracted by Xmas, New Years and holidays. And this is when the crooks are at their busiest. Busy with their plans to strip you of what belongs to you, the distracted ones.

They ain’t waiting till February 2013. They are nearly broke. They are desperate animals. They are doing all this right now.

Hog at the trough

This piggy's name is Tuku

This piggy’s name is Tuku

Now that Tuku is back, is it open slather again on the tribal finances?

Tuku’s all-in now that the hog is back for a solid troughing?

The current Te Arataura has made strides when curbing the executive spending. The unrestrained spending of Tuku’s mob of 09′ to ’12 saw millions of dollars, your dollars, diverted into their own bank accounts – Patience Te Ao, Rahui Papa, Rukumoana… when spending on themselves was at an all time high. And distributions back to the people were at an all time low. Yup.

Now that he’s back, what’s gonna happen now?

Nga Poukai mo te tau 2013

smileyfaceWe get loads of Google’s for this list (click on the MORE arrow to see the full list):


Marae Where? When? Who?
HORAHORA RANGIRIRI Tue, Jan 1 Shirley Wilson – 0272061251
369 Waikokowai Road, HUNTLY
KOKOHINAU TE TEKO Sat, Jan 19 Wiremu Hunia – 07-3228012
PO Box 49 TE TEKO 3167
TANIWHA OHINEWAI Sat, Feb 2 H Kenny – 07 8287156
Great South Road, OHINEWAI
HUKANUI GORDONTON Sat, Feb 9 Jake Puke – 07 8242149
PO Box 12261 Chartwell, HAMILTON

Xmas gift suggestions…




Hey consumers, only 5 days til Xmas – every hip kid absolutely must be seen with the brand new iphone 5, or a brand new dirt-bike, maybe even a funky jet-ski, or the ultimate – how about a Mitsi Evo to go rip up a few power poles. All paid for with your money, remember!

Thats what his kids are getting.

The reality couldn’t be more different for you guys.

Your kids can settle for something more suitable for those on a lesser budget:



Theory of Relativity: Tainui Style

Loan-SharkThe multi-million dollar relativity top-up is due to hit the Tainui bank account by today or tomorrow.

The Maori king is reportedly anxious that his Christmas payday is just out of reach. Skycity casino are also anxious for more profits!

The thieves Tuku and Rangi will no doubt be using the puppets Rahui Papa & Schaafhaussen to attempt the money grab on behalf of the Maori king.

The sharks can smell the money and they are circling round in a frenzy!

We say keep your dirty Hands Off!

Stop Theif!

stop-thiefIts not that lots of people are conspiring, just that the Maori king expects everyone to do what he and Whakaruru tells them to do – with a small bunch of people (Rangi, Morgan, Macgibbon, Shaaffhousen, etc) telling fibs that all together add up to something far greater – the theft of $80 million in fact.

Today’s quote:

The Maori king (AKA Rangi Whakaruru) spake thus:

“If anything has been demonstrated over the past year, it is that Mr Morgan has not been the cause of the raruraru.”

The crooks from the Orifice of the king cry out for Morgan’s innocence. And its patent and utter bull-shit. A clear-cut case of the crooks looking out for each other isn’t it?

The return of the “Peace Broker” ??

The idiot with a taste for rentboys has returned:

Morgan chosen as peace broker

Tukoroirangi Morgan is back in a key position with Waikato-Tainui as the Maori King’s representative on the tribal executive.

Mr Morgan was dumped from Te Arataura nearly a year ago but King Tuheitia has him back in the fold to put an end to the bitterness affecting the tribe. More

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