Maori king’s $80 million power grab is underway

The Maori king’s grab for dictatorial power hinges on the next Te Kauhanganui vote.

High Ranking Members of the Cult of the Maori king:
Rangi (child abuser) & Helen Whakaruru (married but loves women on the side), Tuku Morgan (wife beater, loves abusing prostitutes, weirdo), Timi Maipi (cross dresser), Rahui Papa (alcoholic), Hori Awa (pervert), Patience Te Ao (fat fool), Tukumoana Schaafhousen (sycophant), Tom Moana (fraudster & wife beater), Clint Rickards (satanist), Mike Pohio (mad), Parekawhia Mclean (patsy), Potaka Maipi (paid liar for TVNZ), Midget Maipi (Joyce), Shane Soloman (alcoholic bum boy), Dopehead Mahuta (fat Tipa), Foolish Robert Tukuri Jr…

This is the list of ‘expendable containers’ who have been promised to directly benefit from the Maori king’s greed. Nothing but a polluted pit of snakes and scorpions who would turn on each other in an instant, the true traitors, the real enemies & pillagers from within.

I end with a quote from olden times when Confucius say, “with friends like these, who needs enemies?”



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  1. kura
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 18:50:32

    I have heard this whakatauki pawed out over the yearsat various hui mouthed of by-royalty,politicians, + te aliens…He aha te mea nui o te ao…he tangata he tangata he tangata Excuse me just bin beamed better hurry to Countdown i might miss out on the baked beans On a serious note make sure yr whanau friends, aliens r ok U have a good one Eraka + thank u for us in the KNOW


  2. Siena
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 15:59:41

    Kiaora Tena koe.

    E hika ka mau te wehi. Tou rarangi o nga ingoa o nga tangata tinihanga me te wahine takapui, pea?

    He tino kata, kata ahau.

    All the above in your list, sound like they are ALL ethically challenged and I guess Tuku will be purchasing top-line boxer shorts or maybe he’ll have them custom-made.

    These so-called brown collared deceptive suited wannabe Paahea as you have stated, …”a polluted pit of snakes and scorpions who would turn on each other in an instant,…” is indeed appropriate and in time they will be the masters and mistresses of their own destruction…and I firmly believe that good will prevail over evil.

    He karakia kia tatou katoa ki a tatou Rangatira, a tatou atua ko IO.


  3. Tohu
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 18:15:05

    Our Marae reps at Te Kauhanganui should vote against it. For too long the people get told this and that. It may be all good that Tainui and other tribes have some economic power and contribute to the tribe, and the NZ economy; but our leaders need to have a greater emphasis on the people by directing more of the money where it is needed most. $80 million is alot of money you know and alot of our whanau out there are struggling not only with putting kai on the table and rising unemployment but poor health & housing to name a few so im sure that money could be better spent where its needed. Is buisness more important than the people?


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