The sly old dog is up to his tricks…

“Hey bro, you wanna be a director?”

It appears that Tuku is up to his old tricks again by offering jobs and big pay days to anyone and everyone who goes along with the ‘Wannabe Fascist King’s’ plans to rob the people of Tainui of $80 million.

Tuku’s modus operandi is simple: he recruits feeble minded individuals in order to swing the community perceptions, but more importantly, the Kauhanganui voters are fooled into voting for his rubbish with nothing more than empty promises and lies.

If Tuku’s making promises to you guys out there, remember this: you’re at the front of the queue to receive zilch, zero, nothing.

I would trust the Nigerian scammers with their fake lotteries more than I would trust that Morgan creep.

You have been warned.



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