Don’t mess wit da “Boss”

pull-the-triggerAnother gem arrived in our inbox tonight – it seems that Hemi Rau had got so far up the noses of Tuku & co. that inquiries had been lodged with ‘private contractors’ (da gangz, da Mungle Mob, whoever) to bring about some form of physical abuse to the aforementioned Mr. Rau.

Da gangz, or da Mungel Mob, whoever – sent a scouting mission to Ngaruawahia with the intention of paying Rau an unfriendly visit. They made inquries upon a Ngaruawahia icon, Mr. Boss Mahara, and informed him of the purpose of their visit. Mr. Boss told them to F*k off, or he’d get his gang of angry Mahara’s to F*k them up. The gentlemen involved decided that it was better to conduct different business in a different town.

I wonder if the gutless ones got a refund of their ‘deposit’?


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  1. Miki
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 06:01:45

    This is getting ugly – Rangi and Tuku better watch out, the casualties of this war are going to be the King, the Kiingitanga, the Office, Tainui and Maori mana. People are now rising up – prepared for physical confrontations and the backlash on Tuku and Rangi may result in physical harm and suffering to them personally. Rethink before its too late. Step down or walk away – you will both go down in history as the two who brought down the Kiingitanga, the ignominy will follow you for the rest of your lives. Shame on you both!!


  2. Whakatupuranga2011
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 06:52:45

    Hahahahahaha this should go viral loving it


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