Letter No. 3

Postman-delivering-love-letter-mailSo far so good. There’s a feeling in the air… wait a minute… I reckon we’re due to receive another royal proclamation from his majesty (AKA Rangi Whakaruru) very soon. Recap of the first two royal letters:

  • First letter, quite a strange piece of literature, taking the “woe is me” victimization angle. Written by Rangi Whakaruru and ‘dumbed-down’ in an attempt to give it more ‘authenticity’, to make it seem like Tainui’s own illiterate king did the writing. Worth its weight in gold, its an admission from the king’s own inner circle that he’s a royal dumb-ass. With friends like that, aye!
  • The kings second letter was an entirely different matter… and the gloves came off this time. This one was a collaboration between the king (AKA Rangi Whakaruru) and the king’s resident spin doctor (AKA Kirk ‘Baboon’ Mcgibbon). They didn’t bother to dumb down this one for the dumb-ass. It was a real work of prose and poetry, and even had quotes from the king’s late Mother in it. Rangi and the Baboon tried to persist with the victimization theme again – “the blogs been picking on me… blah blah… blame the pakeha’s blah blah”. Its a worn out strategy that’s wearing thinner.
  • So what can we expect in the third installment? More of the same blame game we reckon… and we can’t wait!


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    1. Bobby B.
      Dec 11, 2012 @ 09:48:57

      Funny. I saw Whakaruru yesterday. Dammit that boy is one fat motherf**ka!


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