His infamy is spreading far and wide…

By now Rangi Whakaruru should have realized that the royal letter thing has backfired immensely:

Robert Winter, King Tuheitia’s Feudal Decline

I see that King Tuheitia has told pakeha to butt out of his attempted return to feudal rule in Tainui. I am happy to do so, though, for example, my not writing anything about his shenanigans will do little to reduce the dominant view that he is heading in the wrong direction, with the wrong people, very fast, and that, as he takes each step in that wrong direction, he is undermining his own status and role. That is, of course, what happens to feudal relics – eventually the masses turn on them, and they and thier advisers receive short shrift. I wonder what the Maori for “tumbril” is?

Alan Charman, The Recruiter’s Blog

I’d always wondered who was going to inherit the mantle of Billy T James, and now we know: “King” Tuheitia.

Even the leftest of leftists, Chris Trotter recently stated that it seemed the Lioness (Dame Teatairangikahu) had given birth to an Ass.

Tuheitia is currently in danger of completely overshadowing the great Billy T, with gems like trying to remove the entire tribal council, voting himself dictator and translating the bible into other languages. His championing of Tuku “Boxer” Morgan is funny enough, but his recent comment via another aide, in connection with his chief aide having his firearms licence revoked is comedy gold: “the King answers to his people, not to a Pakeha-owned media outlet”

His people? The Maori king doesn’t have any “people” other than the hangers-on around Turangawaewae.

Let’s not forget, this bloke is a truck driver who doesn’t even speak Maori. He is being used as a puppet by Tuku Panties and is too thick to realise it. Tuku is a duplicitous, conniving prick who has been shown to be lousy enough to scam money from his own people so as he can wear silk panties.

My understanding is that Tuheitia himself wasn’t actually a power-hungry dildo, but has been inveigled by his social-climber wife to get himself in front of the public.

Thank god his mother – a dignified and private woman – never got to witness the crass stupidity and behaviour of the court jester: her own son.


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