Hog at the trough

This piggy's name is Tuku

This piggy’s name is Tuku

Now that Tuku is back, is it open slather again on the tribal finances?

Tuku’s all-in now that the hog is back for a solid troughing?

The current Te Arataura has made strides when curbing the executive spending. The unrestrained spending of Tuku’s mob of 09′ to ’12 saw millions of dollars, your dollars, diverted into their own bank accounts – Patience Te Ao, Rahui Papa, Rukumoana… when spending on themselves was at an all time high. And distributions back to the people were at an all time low. Yup.

Now that he’s back, what’s gonna happen now?


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  1. Charlie B
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 06:05:42

    Nothing like a good solid bit of troughing, right now what could be better especially when its endorsed by none of the tribe and Erakas blogger-ratus the armchair neocons from Mooloo County all crying its not fair woe is me.

    No one to date has managed to kick Tuku out the gate and weld it shut. He is like a bad smell, keeps coming back but hey what the hell. Backed up by the pretender to the throne of Huntly city who has no power but steals it anyway what could be better. Lazzarus has got nothing on this boy.

    The Tainui / Kingitanga political side as a unifying movement of the people is a
    dysfunctional fuck up and needs to be dismantled. Perhaps turn it into a co-op owned and controlled by the beneficiaries through their own structure.

    Seriously these “OLD bastards” have been shitting in the Tainui tent for far too long and they all have their own hidden agendas. We need new blood, young uncontaminated, educated, smart not dumb crooks with no brains whose only claim to fame is they are very accomplished pick pockets.

    For Tainui to heal itself this lot have to go because the banks will eventually do the dirty on TGH if they start getting nervous and it will be all over. Banks do not care they are the new mafia and the biggest criminals on this planet. NZ is run by a bankster and he is selling the place out big time.


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