Merry Christmas…

We are wondering how Christmas day went for the 270,000 poverty stricken children in Aotearoa…



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    Dec 26, 2012 @ 16:17:30

    I acted out homelessly and had asked people if they had any coins the response back was… Get a job!…Sorry I dont support those that buy liquor!… No I dont have any coins just a bank card….. Sorry its for my child! And the kid is piggin out on lollies forget me…. Go back to your shelter!…… Here is the shameful turn out…. 90% other Ethnic gave something… 10% was my own people Maori……. I’m disgusted how we treat our own people at times… This happened at TE AWA the base Te Rapa… last week Dec. I had asked and saw those from Tainui group. Not a cent! stop splashing your money out and take a look around you who have nothing most of them are our own whanau! Why dont our Marae do big gatherings so all can be together for christmas… Forget the expensive gifts for your tamariki what for to bloody wreck… Sometimes i Feel were good to Take but not to give….. Theres Scrooges and theres Caring ones… I gave my koha to the waikato shelter… I made $40 in 3 days Karoha! But added $500 from my own pocket… Kia ora!


  2. kura
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 15:41:56

    Me ask a few people over for bbq xmas day and was bit peed off by the number who showed up the invited ones invited their mates all had no where to go for a feed thank goodness that a couple of sausages was good enuf for all


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