Tainui Group Holdings fires iwi employees

The word is out that TGH are about to sack workers from their Hopu Hopu operations.

TGH wants to replace the current handful of workers with a private contracting firm.

We are mindful that if the contractors take over – that service quality is set to decline while costs will go up. Typical of TGH to pull something like this.

The real reason behind the firing is that the current workers are union members – which Mad Mike Pohio is dead against, and is willing to pay a premium to see these men go.

Wasn’t the aim of the Raupatu settlement and the return of land and assets to enhance opportunities for the people – our people? So why is Mad Mike Pohio sacking members of the tribe in order to hire expensive contractors from outside? It’s nothing more than a power ego trip being perpetrated by sick traitors. We’re not surprised.

rymanRyman update: 22 Jan, stock price $4.62. Tainui Group Holdings should have $104 million worth of Ryman. Mad Mike Pohio sold out low for only $58 million. Scandalous.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Patupareihe
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 06:10:25

    Um, so what are the two TAT members who sit on the board of TGH going to do about it? TGH signs a statement of corporate intent each year with Te Arataura, which specifies how the company should operate and the principles it should follow. Why don’t those two board members make it clear that the ‘owners’ of the company don’t want that to happen? Seems like those two Te Arataura members picking up the big bucks for sitting on two boards might be…. asleep? Or maybe they don’t know what is going on? Or just don’t care?


  2. Patupareihe
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 06:16:40

    Another thing: “We are mindful that if the contractors take over – that service quality is set to decline while costs will go up.” A fairly ironic comment don’t you think? Particularly since the exact opposite argument was used when the tribal administration at Hopuhopu decided to employ contractors to undertake its communications work.


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