Tu Mai te Toki

The journalist Karla Akuhata has put up her blog in relation to the goings on at the Ngati Awa tribe. For heavens sake we hope that Ngati Awa will take heed of the lessons from the Tainui experience so that they don’t go down the same path.

Karla Akuhata was the journalist who Tuku Morgan and Potaka Maipi lied about in the employment court when they were getting rid of CEO Hemi Rau in order to replace him with a lapdog-puppet. They were successful with the placement of the puppet, and boy has she done a lot of damnage since.

Karla’s blog can be found at Tu Mai te Toki. Many thanks to Mauistreet for the heads up.


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  1. Tuku
    Feb 13, 2013 @ 15:11:45

    As whanau living in Poihakena for the last 20 years, it is sad to read that not much has changed since my time of activism. We were a group of rangatahi (then) who voiced our usually unwanted opinions to what seemed like the vast wilderness. Sometimes we would peacefully rock up to Maori Parliament to have our democratic say on various concerns … only to be locked out. Sound familiar?

    Tania Martin – she was a Katipa then, was a good mate of mine and of course we got up to mischief. I used to caddie rounds of golf for Kingi Porima at Maori tournaments. Tom Roa – involved with Wikitoria Kura was well respected. Sonny Wilson always on the ball, finger on the pulse. These are all decent people with lives and stories outside of this saga. As for the unfortunate opposition? They were the likes whom we complained about back then. Full of themselves Huntly-ites and their hanger onners. Us periphery lagging behind in almost every aspect – opportunity, education, socio-economics, well-being and so the list goes.

    How do you make these buggers account for their actions? With the many voices of the disgruntled and recruiting more to the cause. Encourage everyone you can to take part in blogs such as this. Network facebook, twitter, other social media or digital technology that can raise awareness and coordinate. Create events, make a noise, get noticed! Piss them off! I came across this blog site quite by accident or as Master Uguay would say “there are no accidents”. My own whanau at home had not heard of this site. So now I have set about telling everybody to logon and participate.

    I will be watching and waiting eagerly for the next installment of news to cross this forum. Remember, if it looks like a snake and smells like a snake. It is a snake! Cut the head off to remove the poison.


  2. Rere Ashmore
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 13:50:34

    I believe that the Assets of Tainui should have been Frozen when no-one was prepared to be accountable to the people. After all the assetts belong to us. the people were at hui voting without knowing what the real issue was truly about. They can now pat themselves on the back for not having the gall to stand alongside Tania Martin for informing each and every one of us what was happening to our Assetts I for one admired the woman for her Bravery when I read the article in the News paper in Napier.Then her Tenacity to stand her ground and win in the Courts against the power of the men and women that objected to her actions not once but twice I can only say, what a Woman Good Luck Tania. We have a Prime Minister who tends to dictate lets hope that Maoridom doesn’t fall to a similar Prey


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