Te Kingitanga

Te Kingitanga. A movement that was born in times of great upheaval. A movement that sought to unify the tribe, and was successful. A movement by the people, for the people that would bring about great hopes and dreams one day to stop the injustice and to end the suffering. We have never criticised the notions of the Kingitanga and noble values that it stands for.

The Maori king. An individual who naturally becomes the focal point of the Kingitanga, that we have continued to argue that the king and his clique has failed miserably to uphold the tenets of which the Kingitanga stands for. The Kingitanga stands for the people as a whole, of which the king should be a part of but he has cloaked himself in a bubble of his own arrogance and distanced himself from the ordinary people by choosing to discard those very people who went without and provided himself and his family with a fortune worth millions.

His own people too, in a sure and steady way, have chosen to discard the king as they do not have belief in him. The king has made a terrible mistake in choosing to involve himself in the grubby world of Tainui’s tribal politics, and the people have refused his orders because they weren’t made with the people in mind, you see, he is being manipulated by certain individuals for their own selfish reasons. Attendance at the Poukai gatherings is at an all time low. Hardly anyone bothers to turn up to the king’s own coronation celebrations in Ngaruawahia anymore. Contrast that with the coronation celebrations of his late mother where thousands upon thousands of well wishers would trek to Turangawaewae every year in the middle of the most miserable Waikato winters.

The king has chosen to surround himself with incompetence, sycophants, crooks and criminals who lack one basic important value. Integrity. The focus is on money, and the power that money brings. The king is choosing to take the advice of integrity-less individuals as they call for the removal of the tribal stand, Te Kauhanganui. Eventually the people will make the decision regarding their own future and their own assets. The king should ready himself for more disappointment. The signs are all there and the future doesn’t bode well for the current king’s desire to take the wealth of the tribe solely for himself.

The king is not a smart man, but he could have been a good man. He would be respected if he was good. Alas, he is neither smart, nor does he hold the interests of the people in his heart. In spite of the destructive nature of the king we have been proud of the generations that so many of our families gave to the Kingitanga. The feeling of belonging to something so great that generation upon generation gave unselfishly towards makes us feel so proud.

What future if any, is left for the Kingitanga? Has the movement become become irrelevant because of the rot from the top? There is a saying by old King Tawhiao, when he foretold that the movement would reach the end of its tenure. And that a certain woman would signify the end of the movement. That woman has passed. Her son has fulfilled the prophesy of Tawhiao to its conclusion.


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  1. John & Elva
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 06:15:24

    Thank you for the information, I am not of Maori descent but I live and care for the people of Tainui. I congratulate you on a balanced update on what is happening and wish you the very best of good luck. Elva


  2. rangi
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 07:05:43

    I wanna new king, this king is dumb


  3. Voice
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 07:10:12

    @eraka.blog. Agree, agree, agree.


  4. Urban
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 06:49:06

    @rangi Fair comment, it’s as if this post was written by a completely different person, to who has been posting eraka.blog over the other week(s). Without the vitriol and venom that this blog regularly displays. This post has a more measured and surer message, a well-constructed argument and rhetoric which I’m inclined to agree with, way to put Kingi Tawhiao’s prophecy in too. All of which is of course a matter of intepretation. Oh and thanks for naming the people who are around, advising/directing
    Tuheitia too… Ko Te Kingitanga.


  5. Tainui Hard
    Feb 19, 2013 @ 18:21:38

    Kingitanga in its present form is concerned with wealth creation & the control of said wealth. Kingitanga in its former state was concerned with unifying & sustaining the wellbeing of Iwi Maori, Waikato-Tainui in particular, as a result of land loss and colonisation. These tenets are still relevant today, likewise Kingitanga. The issues lies with the King & his inability to unite the people and progress their wellbeing, e.g. spiritually, physically, financially and socially. (Whakatupuranga 2050) he has no idea how this should be done therefore relies on his lackeys to guide and advise him. The tragedy is that collectively they have no idea as well. The impoversihed iwi, know exactly what they want, how it should be done, by whom and when, sadly no one has bothered to ask them. The reliance on or expectations of others to fix/rescue us is deplorable, we have the solutions to our issues, theyre just not being listened to. But all is not lost, engari, ka aroha taku iwi.


  6. Tui
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 15:42:17

    I think he is into sustaining himself, by exterminating the rights of hapu to their lands under fake iwi trustboards all over the country that siphon off our assets to private companies outside our control. How many iwi trustboards is he invovlved in? Waikato Raupatu, Tainui TB, Maniapoto TB, Raukawa, Koroki kahukura, Perhaps even Hauraki, Auckland Fictitious Tribal Coalition, and all the rest that are designed to remove hapu and whanau from their lands and assets and transfer them into the hands of a few people.


  7. Rawiri
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 17:09:52

    I think the kingitanga had served its purpose in its time but as the late kingi Tawhio had proficient over the curse of the white mans paper, Now this curse has come to light we can now clearly see what the late king was talking about. He has surly lift us with this knowledge of the more modern kingitanga and its curse of the white mans paper, but also had said that this fair skin mokopuna of his loins will be the last of his line to lead the kingitanga.


  8. remana eketone
    Jul 24, 2014 @ 04:56:54

    Tuheitia or the kingitanga is acknowleged predominantly by Tainui maori diehards and that would account for .less than five percent of the population of Maori.
    Ask any Maori Iwi outside the boundary of Tainui if they recognise Tuheitia as Maori king, they would more than likely reply ” do Maori have one do you mean the guy who works for Tuku Morgan or whose son let off a criminal offense or uses Tainui rauputu to play the pokies.


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