Te Kauhanganui hoodwinked by Tainui Group Holdings

Sir Henry's magical magic beans. All yours for $70 million!

Sir Henry’s magical magic beans. All yours for $70 million!

Sir Henry Jackass van der Hayden (responsible for holding back the news about poisoned babies in China when he was the boss of Fonterra) treats the tribal parliament with contempt by saying publicly that they don’t deserve to exist, and then they go and pay him $70 million for his worthless pieces of paper!

Gosh. They may as well have bought $70 million worth of magic beans. It’s nothing more than a means to cover up the incompetence and mismanagement at TGH.

Why, oh why would they purchase Tainui Group Holdings shares for $70 million? Mad Mike Pohio and the band of losers at TGH couldn’t even manage the Tainui portfolio properly – this was showcased in the massive Ryman stock selloff blunder, let us remind you, the blunder where Mike Pohio sold out cheap resulting in a massive $50 million dollar loss!

The money should have been left in the bank for a guaranteed 3 or 4 percent. Shelling out to TGH will result in a guaranteed loss. There must be a disaster looming for TGH. This cash injection is bailout money that will only provide for a temporary reprieve from the banksters.

Remember that TGH are the ones who would force tribal members onto the unemployment heap in order to hire contractors from outside.

Instead, the money should have been loaned to TGH. This would require them to pay it all back. Buying the rubbish shares means that the money is thrown down a deep dark hole. Bye bye $70 million. Bye bye opportuniy!


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  1. greg Dangerfield
    Dec 23, 2014 @ 10:37:00

    Joyce Maipi has run the dental division of Raukura Hauora tainui broke to the tune of 20 million dollars redundancies have been made she still swans around the world with her family . The Maipi family are thieves of the highest order a full audit should be completed of the books and the serious fraud unit called in


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