The Traitor

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.”

Back in 2008 Tuku Morgan led the disgusting efforts to overthrow the tribal parliament in order to install a foul smelling and repulsive dictator that the drunkard Rahui Papa had bestowed the title of Tumu Whakarae, rumoured to be Tuku himself. They even got the natives from Huntly to perform songs and dances about it. Gross. The people of the tribe thought so too and voted against the stupid proposal by 90% but by that stage the bozos Rukumoana Shaafhousen and Shane Solomon had wasted close to a million dollars of tribal funds on this fruitless exercise.

In June of last year Morgan was up to his same old tricks by daring to tell the northern tribes that they should get rid of their people-elected Runanga parliament and install a dictator to enter into talks with the government. The fool Morgan tried to say that they should listen to him because of his wife’s family ties to the north, by the way – he has cheated on her many times. Working for the government as a “facilitator” he was told in no uncertain terms to shove his unwelcome plans up the you know where.

Deja vu

Fast forward to 2013 and guess what? Tuku Morgan is the architect of you guessed it – he has engineered the power grab where he would see that Tainui’s tribal parliament is discarded and replaced with a cartel of the Maori king’s flunkies of which Morgan is standing on top of. Of course he and his lackeys will use words like “restructuring”, “rightsizing”, “better for the people” etc. But we all know the truth. Tuku Morgan wants his culture of excessive pocket lining to begin all over again.

River for Sale

The real picture though, is to get rid of Te Kauhanganui so that Morgan can negotiate secret deals with John Key for the terms of the sale of Tainui’s water rights, thus pocketing millions of dollars for himself and the corrupt and useless Maori king Tuheitia Paki. Thus it is to this effect that the push for the dumping of the tribal parliament is intertwined with the timetable for the government’s national asset sale program. And for this reason – Tuku and the king want it to happen NOW.

Stop the traitor Morgan. Stop the treasonous Tuheitia Paki from selling out your heritage!

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  1. Whakatupuranga 2011
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 09:42:54

    A solution perhaps- do not give control of iwi to 4 reps from within the 4 clusters 1 rep per cluster- cos that will mean the king will have HIS TEAM OF LACKEYS but perhaps stay with kauhanganui and have only 1 rep per marae.This will cancel out invalid votes and its a yes or no vote or abstain(whatever direction marae beneficiaries give to their 1 rep) and should that rep go against the decision of the majority then it opens the door for instant dismissal of that person by their it would make it very hard for the kings lackeys within te kauhanganui to get in as Im pretty sure these persons would have to go around bribing/ bullying their marae beneficiaries into voting for them.Every marae has a favorite rep and in my experience these are the 1s who make it becos they are there for the iwi- every man woman and child and they do the hard yards ie pick up a tea towel- wash dishes- clean the marae-do the groundwork of the marae-in other words the last 1 to turn the lights off-if U ARE 1 OF THESE PEOPLE kia ora 2 u and your whanau for giving u to the marae and doing it so humbly


  2. louie matika
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 15:35:33

    this is quite sickning reading about this bunch of a————–holes isnt there any one with ba—-s to stand up to this scum bag morgan and that k—- hell the pakeha,s are just sitting back as usual and laughing keep going you dummy lot we,ll have all the money back soon what a shame a desgrace to the loyal followers of the kingitanga to all those proud kings of the past why dont some one take photo,s of that tu——-tia in the casino blowing all the money that tuku morgan looks like a real slimy crook


  3. Tui
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 03:46:37

    Hapu should just lay a complaint to the police in regards to the Treaty Settlements and the malfeasance by those involved in the Treaty Settlements.


    • Charlie B
      Feb 25, 2013 @ 09:38:43

      Now calling in the cops is not a bad idea. What I fail to understand is if these crooks are openly stealing money from Tainui why has no one bothered to call in the Serious Fraud Office?

      Could it be for all the claims made on this website there is not enough proof to substantiate the claims. I am not disputing that some of the clowns running the show are incompetent, dishonest and wasting tribal funds, sticking their fingers in the cookie jar but so what, there is plenty of that shit going on in NZ. Its called payola and this lot of clowns have embraced it totally.

      About five years ago at a meeting called by Tainui in Brisbane Tuku made the comment to a mate that Henry Van De Heyden was coming to work for Tainui when he retires from Fonterra. At the time I thought bullshit why bother, well maybe Tuku knows a lot more then he is letting on.

      Looks like no one is going to stop Tuku and lets face it he is still there. All these old wanabes including the King are hanging on for dear life because they are too old, to lazy and to fucken stupid to get a real job.

      What would you put on your CV ex king , ex comunicated can drive a truck, I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong plenty of my whanau drive trucks especially in OZ but I cannot see Tuheitia driving B Doubles or road trains.

      Its far easier for the (Tainui New World Ogres) to rob their own because the people have been brain washed, will bend over and quietly take their medicine. These control freaks think they can do as they like. The people have been dumbed down to follow idiots because their own representatives have let them down.

      Perhaps TGH should be placed under administration and the whole board fired including the CEO because if the banks step in that is what will happen anyway. The whole Tainui structure is a toxic overloaded waka that is sinking because of years of greed, infighting and legions of dumb ego maniacs trying to topple each other.

      Financial institutions especially Australian owned banks will only put up with that shit for so long if they believe the situation cannot be fixed. Keep kicking a dog while it is down eventually it will not get up.

      I carry out work for one of the largest media companies in the world and am probably one of the greatest cynics because I have a fair idea of how it all works now. ” Nothing works the way you think it does!”

      My gut feeling tells me that Erakas Blog is just a front for persons unknown with a
      hidden agenda that is not about to be revealed any time soon which is a shame because whistle blowing is not such a bad thing if done for the right reasons.

      Tainui can be saved but a clean out from top to bottom has to happen and control must be reinvested back into the hands of the people. All those in postions of power need to go otherwise its going to fall over anyway.


  4. Tui
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 14:06:43

    When Potatau signed Te Tiriti he was only the chief of Ngati Mahuta in Mangere in Auckland. What gave his descendents rights to claim the rest of Tainui hapu lands given that there were other chiefs in Tainui that signed? This is a breach to their Treaty rights.


    • Tui
      Mar 01, 2013 @ 03:06:58

      A question now arises about the signing of a treaty settlement that is in direct conflict with the rights of all Maori in this country in relation to the He Whakameinga under He Whakaputanga. Was this an act of treason against all Maori hapu in New Zealand? Now that they are incentivised to settle all treaty claims by the relatively clause?


    • Pare Hayward-Howie
      Apr 22, 2013 @ 22:03:05

      Kia ora kare, Potatau didn’t sign the treaty. Many Waikato chiefs did, but he was not among them.


  5. Tui
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 14:08:12

    And in most cases they were of teina line in Tainui, nor had the mana over those hapu rohe.


  6. rangi
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 13:48:32

    Which dumbarse presented an award @ te matatini in a pair of jeans? Worse did anyone notice it was the same attire that was worn on Friday ? The tv doesn’t lie. Shame ow. Who’s dressing this fulla?


  7. Tui
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 12:52:07

    All clear now for our river to be sold, because the corrupt trustboard cartel have colluded to steal your human rights and gave them to a corporate under the Co- Management agreement. Time for hapu to step up and fight for our rights.


  8. Tui
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 12:54:01

    If we dont stop them, Nek minut our awa will be owned by foreigners cause of the dumbass deals the trustboards have done.


  9. Siena Denton (@fury12)
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 04:08:49

    Kiaora ki nga hapu katoa o Tainui.

    Well that cat weazel, smiling assassin John Key is all fired up now that he has the green light from Mrs. Fletcher Construction…aka Sian Elias to pertially float Mighty River Power…However, there is another case the Supreme Court is hearing about who owns the riverbed on a particular part of the Waikato River used by Mighty River Power.

    We, tuturu Maori already know who the rightful kaitiaki, and proprietors are…Now, just like Ngati Tuwharetoa and Lake Karapiro…Pakeha call it and it was implemented many years ago…User-Pays

    That Ironman Challenge..though that Taupo racist mayor and his mate anti-Maori John Ansell believed that the officials running the Ironman challenge should NOT pay for the use of Lake Karapiro…They came a cropper because like any tangible asset…Lake bed that holds the water, its owned by Ngati Tuwharetoa and quite frankly, if one wishes to utilise my property for a limited time, then you must pay me PUTEA for the USE of it and the financial details would be subject to what the Pakeha love espousing…’Commercial Sensitivity’.

    I give ALL my aroha to the many hapu in the rohe of Waikato…minus the so-called self-appointed humbug representatives.

    An official inquiry and/or approach to the police is quite in order..but find the hard evidence of corruption and look at the governance policies…to see if they have been adhered to…Where there’s willpower, there’s a way…and I am a firm believer that our Tipuna o nga Waa o Mua are vigilantly watching from above, and those hiangi (mischief) ones will get there come uppance, because Cheats never Prosper..All our hapu within Aotearoa have been cheated and sadly, been cheated from within our own.

    Hei kona ra.


  10. Rawiri
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 04:34:53

    The day the king had use his Tokotoko to intimidate one of the kaumatua of Tainui was the day that he disgrace his own mana and the mana of his ancestors as Kingi Tawhio was a great demolisher of this type of practise our ancestors use makutu as a means of punishing those that the tokotoko was aiming at.


  11. Rawiri
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 06:26:54

    Tawhio has always maintain that he nor any of his family are of a kings sate-test, it is the pakiha that put the name king there not Maori. He is only a spokesman that represents issues between pakiha and the chiefs and there hapu of the Tainui genealogy of the Tainui Waka. But the king has use this name king and kingitanga as means of getting what he wants.


  12. Patupareihe
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 07:32:17

    First, if you actually bothered to read the Ngapuhi report produced by Tuku, you’d find that there was no intention to replace the Runanga with a ‘dictator’. The key obstacle for Ngapuhi lies in establishing tribal governance entities that have a broad mandate to represent the Iwi. The problem is actually the division between the Runanga and Kotahitanga – a claimant-led grouping. Tuku’s proposed structure was a way of finding a way forward – the Crown does not accept that the Runanga has a mandate. End of story. Some of these other comments are just plain ignorant, For your information ‘Tui’, Pootatau did not sign the Treaty. He did however, sign the Declaration of Independence. The Treaty was signed by ‘seven old men’ out at the Port who were minor chiefs more interested in getting the blanket that all signatories to the Treaty received. And as for ‘selling the awa to foreigners’ WTF are you on about – name one example of that happening anywhere! You guys will believe any old dribble! Calling in the Police? FFS – the tribe’s annual accounts are audited by independent entities that would be criminally liable if it was found that anything illegal had happened. Rawiri – the title of King was chosen by the chiefs who raised him up – not Paakeha! Also, Pootatau was in Mangere at the invitation of Governor Grey who had asked him to take up residence there to protect Auckland against Ngapuhi attack – haven’t you heard of ‘Kia tupato ki te remu taku kahu’?? And to say that he was ‘only the chief of Ngaati Mahuta is to ignore the plain fact that he was one of the greatest tohunga warrior chiefs this country has ever known. Certainly none of you gutless wonders would have lasted very long in his presence!


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Feb 28, 2013 @ 14:50:47

      Of course we are right. Tuku planned to have the Tuhoronuku runanga dumped and to be replaced with a structure that he devised. In other words – to get rid of the real people and have a dictator installed.


    • Tui
      Feb 28, 2013 @ 17:14:54

      According to the history books he was only from Ngati Mahuta in Mangere. And that was written by George Grey. The other hapu were lead by other chiefs and I have a list of them, so stop promoting rubbish inorder to maintain the lie that he was the King of all Tainui hapu. If you look at the Whakapapa and also read the two Tainui history books endorsed by the Maori Queen by Kelly and Pei Jones. On all acounnts their are other lines more senior that have their mana, and the fact that the use of the Kingitanga as a vehicle which is in conflict with He Whakaputanga and other hapu in Aotearoa.


    • Pare Hayward-Howie
      May 09, 2013 @ 01:57:39

      Seven old men ? That’s not true at all; Nga Uri a Muriwhenua signed that document, men who had more claim and ancestry to this land than Potatau did. E hoa, Potatau’s lineage takes him straight back to Te Arawa, Hekemaru. All the lines that he has to Waikato, are female lines. Those men you call “old men” who were wanting blankets, are all the Male lines of Waikato tuturu. And Potatau come’s from their sisters ! Also Awaitaia signed that treaty, and accordingly; the Kingship was offered to him first. He didn’t want it. That document was signed by Ngati Tipa, Ngati Haua, Ngati Mahanga, Ngati Hourua, and many more…. there is a whakatauki that is applied to that collective; and it is this … “Nga Uri a Muriwhenua, he Kaitangata” – “The descendants of Muriwhenua are the eaters of Men”. Thats who signed the Manukau-Waikato Version. And there were 32 signatures.


  13. Charlie B
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 08:23:28


    “Calling in the Police? FFS – the tribe’s annual accounts are audited by independent entities that would be criminally liable if it was found that anything illegal had happened.”

    Strictly speaking that is how it is meant to work except in NZ that is a fallacy. Look how many of your failed Finance and Investment companies have fallen over and their accounts audited by so called independent auditors who turned a blind eye to directors ” skimming” in off the books deals and straight out theft.

    How many of those auditors have ever had charges brought against them let alone been procescuted. The only one I have seen that got a mention was in the Feltex case where the ANZ bank in collusion with the Feltex directors and senior management cleaned out mum and Dad investors for 270 mil and got away with it.

    White collar crime in NZ is sport. We see the dregs of these thieving arseholes who flee across to QLD when they lose their shirts in Auckland running with the last bit of stolen cash of other peoples money to escape their fate.

    If this web site has the proof of fraud like they say they have, they need to produce it and hand it over to the Serious Fraud Office other wise stop making false allegations because sooner or later Tor or what ever system they are using to hide behind will eventually fail. At the moment the jury is still out? They are safe?


  14. Temanawa
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 13:25:43

    If the books are not cooked there would not be an issue with transparency yet there is so much more to all this than one can imagine that no one can make good choice because the people are not given all the facts to make one


  15. Patupareihe
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 10:10:59

    Tuhoronuku is the Ngapuhi equivalent of Te Arataura – in other words it is the executive board (or committee, perhaps?). The Runanga is the Waikato-Tainui equivalent of Te Kauhanganui. And I’m still wondering how replacing that with another representative body can be viewed as installing a dictator?! Charlie B – a number of the failed finance companies have been jailed for bullshitting investors. Tainui Group Holdings has been charged with making money for the tribe. if people aren’t happy with its direction then why haven’t the existing Te Arataura members who are part of that board been trying to change things – that’s Hemi Rau and Paki Rawiri. The point I was trying to make is that no-one within the tribal structure is stealing anything from the people of Tainui. There are no schemes to ‘grab money’, but neither are there any plans to simply ‘hand out’ money. The basic principle is simple: ‘Nothing for nothing.’ if you’re sitting around all day doing nothing, then you’ll get nothing. But if you want help to undergo training, or do a course, or go to the Waananga, or go to polytech, or university then the tribe can help with that. Why is everyone seemingly so worried that someone else is getting something they’re not entitled to. I hear people talking about living by the principles of the Kiingitanga all the time, but then when one of your members is appointed to a significant board like Maritime NZ instead of celebrating her achievement and recognition you just run her down and tag her with the sins of her husband.
    And Tui, ‘according to the history books’?? I’d re-read Pei’s book Ngaa Iwi o Tainui a bit more carefully. Ngaati Mahuta’s traditional rohe was not Mangere and Te Wherowhero was the paramount chief of Waikato!


  16. Tui
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 16:38:43
    List of Waikato Chiefs that signed the Treaty
    The Waikato-Manukau copy of the Treaty

    There are 39 signatures on the Waikato-Manukau copy of the Treaty of Waitangi. This appears to have been the only copy of the Treaty in English sent out for signing (see a transcript of the main text here).

    Missionary Robert Maunsell, whose station was near the mouth of the Waikato River, received the copy in late March or early April 1840, just as about 1500 Māori were assembling for a meeting. He believed that the 32 chiefs who first signed the copy were most of the leading men of the area. They were mainly from the lower Waikato region, with some from Ngāruawāhia and further upstream. Seven names were added at Manukau Harbour (probably at Āwhitu) on 26 April. Te Wherowhero and several others were present but would not sign, possibly because the occasion lacked the dignity of the events at Waitangi.

    This copy is neatly written on paper. It has the seal and signature of Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson. Hobson signed with his left hand as his right hand was paralysed by a stroke he suffered on 1 March. Maunsell took care to record the tribe (iwi) or hapū of most of the chiefs. Sometimes he noted their location, although this was seldom fixed as political and seasonal pressures meant that chiefs and their people moved about a good deal. Hoana (Joanna?) Riutoto (15) is a woman of rank.
    Signed as Probable name Tribe Hapu

    Signed in late March or early April 1840, at Waikato Heads, witnessed by Robert Maunsell and Benjamin Ashwell, dated 11 April 1840
    1. Paengahuru Paengahuru Waikato Ngati Tipa
    2. Kiwi Ngarau Kiwi Ngarau Waikato Ngati Tahinga
    3. Te Paki [Hone Wetere] Te Paki Waikato Te Ngaungau
    4. Ngapaka Ngapaka Waikato Ngati Tipa
    5. Kukutai [Waata?] Kukutai Waikato Ngati Tipa
    6. Te Ngoki Te Ngoki?/Te Ngohi? Ngati Maniapoto from Kawhia
    7. Muriwenua Muriwhenua Ngati Haua from Aotea
    8. Te Pakaru Te Pakaru Ngati Maniapoto from Kawhia
    9. Waraki Te Waraki Ngati Maniapoto from Kawhia
    10. Kiwi (te Roto) Kiwi Te Roto Waikato Ngati Mahuta from Kawhia
    11. Te Paerata Te Paerata Waikato Ngati Pou
    12. Te Katipa Te Katipa Waikato Ngati Pou
    13. Maikuku Maikuku Waikato Ngati Te Ata
    14. Aperahama Ngakainga Aperahama Ngakainga Waikato Ngati Te Ata
    15. Hoana Riutoto Hoana Riutoto Waikato Ngati Mahuta
    16. Te Wairakau Te Wairakau Waikato Ngati Te Ata
    17. Hako Hako Waikato? Ngati Te Wehi from Aotea
    18. Wiremu Te Awa-i-taia Wiremu Nera Te Awa-i-taia Waikato Ngati Mahanga from Whaingaroa (Raglan)
    19. Tuneu Ngawaka Tuneu Ngawaka Waikato Ngati Tahinga?
    20. Kemura Wareroa Kemura Whareroa Waikato Ngati Tahinga
    21. Pohepohe Pohepohe Ngati Haua from Matamata
    22. Pokawa Rawhirawhi Pokawa Rawhirawhi Ngati Haua from Matamata
    23. Te Puata Te Puata Waikato Ngati Ruru at Otawhao
    24. Te Mokorau Te Mokorau Waikato Ngati Ruru at Otawhao
    25. Pungarehu Pungarehu Waikato Ngati Apakura at Parawera
    26. Pokotukia Pokotukia/Pohotukia? Ngai Te Rangi? from Tauranga?
    27. Tekeha Te Keha? Waikato Ngati Naho at Te Horo
    28. Te Warepu Te Wharepu Waikato Ngati Hine at Taupiri
    29. Te Kanawa Te Kanawa Waikato Ngati Hine at Taupiri
    30. Te Whata Te Whata Waikato Ngati Tipa at Whaingaroa (Raglan)
    31. Ngawaka (te Ao) Ngawaka Te Ao Waikato Ngati Whauroa at Putataka
    32. Peehi Peehi Waikato Ngati Ruru at Otawhao

    Signed on 26 April 1840, at Manukau harbour, witnessed by W.C. Symonds
    33. Wiremu Ngawaro Wiremu Ngawaro Waikato Ngati Te Ata
    34. Hone Kingi Hone Kingi Waikato Ngati Te Ata
    35. Ko te ta Wha Te Tawa?/Te Tawha? Waikato Ngati Te Ata
    36. Tamati Tamati Waikato?
    37. Rabata Waiti Rapata Waiti Waikato?
    38. Te Awarahi Te Awarahi Waikato Ngati Te Ata
    39. Rehurehu Rehurehu Waikato?


    • Gage thompson tuakau
      Nov 28, 2016 @ 07:30:04

      Kia ora u fala read to much books if u really wana no go out meet the people open the ears u falas were blessed with, use ur mind don’t get into that school stuff, he said she said u falas are wasting ur time because there is no scenes to the korero medition and the mind will work it out. U falas are right in what your saying but there is no structure, couple off books can’t tell you what really went on century ago, living ,blood shed,life whanau. Every whanau has a chief. Chief s come together thay bring people together make deal for the best off the whanau. Leave our tupuna R.I.P. The world is different from then we move with the time. Kia kaha mo nga tikanga maori mo te ao katoa.


  17. Tui
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 16:42:33

    All these hapu have their own soveriegnty whether they signed the Declaration of Independence or not.


  18. Tui
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 16:48:27

    Maori society is not based on Autocracy, it is democratic based on korero, wananga, whitiwhiti korero, by promoting the issue of the day, to then conclude with decisions for the future.


  19. Tui
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 10:01:36 Ae ranei e tika ana te whakatau, ko Kingi Tuheitia te kingi Maori o te motu? Hei ta David Rankin o Ngapuhi, ehara a Kingi Tuheitia i te Kingi Maori o te motu whanui, no reira, kua tuku tono ia ki te roopu whakamana i Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


  20. Tui
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 10:07:28 Kei te rere nga maharahara i roto o waikato tainui i te whakatau a kingi tuheitia, kia panaia e ia te toihau o te kauhanganui a tania martin. He mea turaki a martin inanahi, na taana whakahee atu i nga whakapaunga putea a te uepu o te iwi, ara, a te ara taura. Heoi, tera etahi e mea ana, kaore he mana o te kingi ki te pana i te toihau o te kauhanganui.


  21. Charlie B
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 09:05:46

    It is clear that what we are dealing with here is a small group of manipulators led by the King and his onions trying to act covertly and their authority is based on bullying tactics, lies and plenty of front. Its the old story, lead follow, or get out of the fucken way and regardless of what people may say about the guy in that respect Tuku has got it in spades. He still thinks he is the boss and maybe he is?

    The people have bought into this manuipulated form of control at their expense. What this small band of idiots need to remember is when it comes to money like most western countries, this is a white mans country. Brown boys are in there by invitation only and you better have the pingers to pay the entrance fee otherwise use the tradesmans entrance and wash the dishes while you are out there boy.

    This is a white mans world and sooner or later when the banksters deciede enough is enough then its going to be haka fried Tainui toast with all the trimmings. TGH will disappear up its own arse. That would be a shame! We have a bunch of old men who believe they have the god given right to do as they please. Who gave it to them?

    Where the hell did these people get their sense of entitlement from? In a pakeha organisation you get the sack it’s see ya later buddy have a good day. These clowns
    hang around like a bad smell because they think they are owed a living. Who says they are owed anything and for what?


  22. Tui
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 11:58:44

    Unless they descend from a Treaty of Waitangi signatory they have no rights. Potatau did not sign the Treaty, im not sure if the other people who signed off on the Tainui settlement did either.


  23. Tui
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 11:59:19

    We have all been taken for a ride, and had our rights and history abused.


  24. Wikitoria Smith
    May 20, 2014 @ 04:19:06

    Great strategy eh? Pakeha throw the money into the trough, and watch with glee while Maori squabble. Playing into the hands of the Govt puppet masters.


  25. Wikitoria Smith
    Jun 04, 2014 @ 11:58:26

    I have just attended the graduation for TWOA at Vodafone here in Manukau. Once again I hear ‘Hail the King, long live the King.’ Should we all be revering someone who may not be worthy of the role? Roll it out at every hui, long live the King. Then I read blogs such as this, and thoughts are a wondering.?A figurehead only. The essence is the kaupapa, of which has a huge chasm between one and the other. Are we just mindless sheep? Where is the true leadership? It’s here, right amongst us, however will never see the light of day, while those usurpers’ of the power continue on their merry way. For the people, by the people, of the people.


  26. Paretaihinu
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 21:42:59

    He patai tenei kia Tui, which Tiriti O Waitangi did the 39 sign? we had a run in with John Ansell who claimed that the Treaty Maori signed was the Pakeha version giving Queen Victoria all rights to all their whenua..when i mentioned Potatau Te wherowhero did not sign te tiriti only He Whakaputanga 1835. we all ended having a difference of opinion with him and his wind bag Keha’s…


  27. mu
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 06:16:18

    Potatau abandoned He Whakaputanga 1835 responsibilities when he became King, but does not mean the rest of Tainui rangatira and hapu have. The English version is obviously a fraud, hence we should only use Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


  28. Tukotahi
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 19:11:31

    Mu that is not true. In fact Potatau was crowned King of the Confederation at the gathering in Pukawa Lake Taupo. Many important chiefs from around the motu attended. A written recording of an interview with Te Heuheu Tukino described the proceedings. The ceremony that bound all Iwi symbolically to a specially erected pou (representing Tongariro) called for representatives from each rohe to come and collect a pegeach one attached to the pou with a woven rope. The pegs represented the different maunga and were driven into the ground in the direction of that maunga at the feet of the different tribes representing each of those maunga. At the top of that main pou was the confederation flag.

    “Each of the ropes representing these sacred mountains of the tribes was hauled taut and staked down. So in the middle stood Tongariro, the central mountain, supported and stayed by all these tribal cords, which joined the soil of New Zealand to the central authority. Above floated the flag, emblem of Maori nationality. Thus was the union of the tribes demonstrated so that all might see, and then did Te Heuheu and his fellow-chiefs transfer to Potatau all the mana-tapu of the soil and acclaim him as the king of the native tribes of New Zealand.”

    If He Whakaputanga be a proclamation of sovereignty then this could be seen as a legitimate verbal agreement officially placing sovereignty with the kingitanga.


  29. Tukotahi
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 19:41:03

    Potatau was chosen at this ceremony and reluctantly accepted due to pressure from other great chiefs to accept. Potatau was not from the most senior line. Only a miniscule portion of Maori are.
    Cheiftainship was not always through seniority. It would be stupidity and a severe threat to the tribes existence to stifle your best leaders because they aren’t the most senior.
    Potatau was his own fathers (Te Rauangaanga) general at the great battle of Hingakaka in which his and his father led Waikato/Maniapoto forces to victory despite being outnumbered greatly by the united southern forces. His warrior reputation, his leadership skills, his wananga education made him a great choice for king. Yes, there were a few others that could have filled those shoes but there can be only one and as history would have it, TeWherowhero the Great was crowned.
    And the word ‘Tinorangatiratanga’ means sovereignty in the context of Te Tiriti. It doesn’t mean ‘self-determination’ or any of these other fanciful explanations that Sir Hugh came up with.
    Under the principle of ‘contra proforentum’ the document written in the native language should be considered. This same principle places the onus of clarity on drafters of the contract and any ambiguity should be ruled against the drafters and in favour of the party that accepted the drafted document.
    Tinorangatiratanga/Kawanatanga/Sovereignty. Sounds pretty ambiguous to me.
    Maori have never ceded sovereignty to the crown and we should all protest their claims that sovereignty was ceded with the signing of The Treaty.


  30. Tukotahi
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 20:16:33

    We should be rallying for a hikoi to the king demanding that he start acting like one. Like his tipuna Potatau who lead his people from the front. We, the people should be directing him and informing him as to what we expect from a king. Idiot advisors were there for te Ata as well and advised her that being ‘official matron’ of kohangareo and of maori rugby-league would be adequate fulfilment of her monarch duties.
    Instead of getting police to investigate the antics of the current ‘kingitanga-circus’ and the clowns acting as ringleaders, we should be directing Tuheitia to lead us into an investigation from the UN special rapporteurs into the governments fraudulent claims of sovereignty through willing cession by Maori.
    If the UN can officially declare that they do not recognize the legitimate sovereignty of the crown or the NZ Government (they already admit there is uncertainty) this could initiate some positive movement towards Tinorangatiratanga or atleast ease the forceful arm of oppression a little enough for us to break free.



  31. mu
    Aug 03, 2014 @ 07:13:44

    I do not consider the Kingitanga organisation as the appriopriate representation of Maori in general in New Zealand. Nor do I believe that it is a legitimate representive organisation in terms of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


    • Tukotahi TeInuwai
      Nov 29, 2015 @ 18:03:19

      I agree that it is not appropriate representation of Mapori as it is operating now but the Kingitanga do have a legitimate claim to sovereignty because of the Confederation of Tribes, the same authority that signed Te Tiriti and whio had earlier declared Maori sovereignty, had a hui/ceremony at Pukawa where it is well recorded that they definitely gave the sovereignty to their chosen king, TeWherowhero. if the Kingitanga were to claim sovereignty it would be hard to deny their legitimate claim.


  32. TeManawa
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 11:11:02

    Tukutahi This has been done please see the Restoration plan which went to the Un in 2013


  33. TeManawa
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 11:12:19

    PS Tukotahi I apologise for the typo in your name- Arohamai


  34. TeManawa
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 11:23:17

    I should also add Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Nation;The Tribal sovereign Nations and Originee People of Gowanda land asked for permission to adopt the plan with my blessings in April 2013 which was given.


  35. Mana Mauri
    May 31, 2015 @ 14:10:00

    I cant say much because im only 20 years old, But please make sure you have the correct info before posting, Because i know for a FACT that my Tupuna Potatau TeWherowhero did not sign the Treaty of Waitangi!! although he did sign an agreement in 1849 between him and George Grey to provide Auckland region with military protection, He never sided with the colonial system and our people never will!! i cant believe it, in a world ruled by MediaManipulation people are so gullible.

    ” you are crazy if you think you can survive living only in the maori world when we live in two worlds” te taha pakena me te taha maaori” We cant retain anything in the future, What comes from the past, returns to the past, Everything changes with time, We must advance!! thats a saying i remembered from an old ngati porou tohunga i had the privilege of talking to, The same one that told me that weather we like it or not we all live in a colonized world. hatred towards our own people and hatred of colonization is colonization in itself the only thing we can do is advance with time while keeping our faith in our culture strong, and knowing our whakapapa and tikanga to up hold our next generations to come


    • Gage thompson
      Nov 28, 2016 @ 08:34:37

      Bro tautoko te korero. Get the info correct, Maori history is a difficult topic to understand because Maori people have quality like no other we adapted to things we confront. We have to move with the time for the sake of our rangatiratanga and the next Maori to take our place in the world.


  36. Mana Mauri
    May 31, 2015 @ 14:53:01

    As for my cousin Whatumoana Tuheitia, i don’t know, who am i to judge?? Hes done wrong, but not as the media and radio portray it, in a era ruled by technology and media its easy to twist the truth, You have to get first hand experience to know the truth, they put stories out there to separate our people, make our people feel hate towards eachother so we as a culture can not advance, they are afraid of our potential so they down talk us, listening to stories can lead from The Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog to the big white horse steps on the slow turtle. Man what ever happend to Te Kotahitanga,


  37. Tom
    May 15, 2016 @ 17:52:02

    Pare Mclean was having an affair with Pohio. Mike got the boot.


  38. Daniel
    May 25, 2016 @ 04:01:00

    hey beyounce girl


  39. wirem tuks
    Jun 26, 2016 @ 20:10:26

    Well, for those of you who don’t know the facts of the Iwi Waikato, let me enlighten you somewhat. Firstly, Waikato have never had any nobles in their direct line. In other words before the tainui waka set sail for Aotearoa, they only had Hoturoa on board and while all the other waka had Ariki on board, the tainui didn’t. Hence their need to establish an Ariki line. How did Waikato TRY!!! to do that? Initiate the kingitanga of course. It must also be mentioned that Turongo of Waikato took Mahinarangi (a noble woman from Kahungungu) to wife so as to try and instill some form of nobility in their people. On that count, not good enough.

    Unfortunately, the worst manipulators within the Waikato Iwi are those who crave power at any cost. If you look at the names of most of them, they have pakeha surnames. What does that mean? They follow the whakapapa of their patriarch, in other words their fathers, therefore, they are the beneficiaries of their Maori mother’s line but the inheritors of their father’s patriarchal line. Which means, they can set sail for the land their father’s/forefathers come from and lay claim there.

    It is then fair to say, Tuku Morgan has no right to determine who, what or where because he is a beneficiary of what ever is determined by those who do have direct patriarchal lineage, and that most certainly means that such people and/or persons must have a Maori surname.

    Waikato should be told the truth about their position in the wider scheme of things. Even Ngati Maniapoto was fooled by the lies and deception Waikato pulled during the times of allied relations.

    Waikato iwi leaders have no mana and never will. Tuheitea was installed by Morgan, Papa and the likes. Evil abounds in Waikato, and it shall surely come to pass, that those responsible shall be dealt with by the powers of Heaven.`

    We know that as Te Atairangikahu was on her last moments prior to passing away, she told one of her kuia who attended her, that she was to be the last one and none shall come after her.

    Kia ora


    • Gage thompson
      Nov 28, 2016 @ 08:08:25

      Bro your such a loser you sound like your not form Waikato it sounds like you no things so intimate about our ariki but u don’t no how the kingitanga started your words are 20 steps backward from where Maori of aotearoa want our people to be. Read a cook book be eazry for you too understand.


  40. Waikato
    Aug 05, 2016 @ 07:04:57

    ?? What a f’n dreamer buddy. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. First of all, Tuku’s real surname is Matiaha, descendent of the Waikato chief and warrior Iwingaro Matiaha. The name Morgan was taken by his elders because pakeha could not pronounce Matiaha. This was common place amoungt many Maori in the last century.But of course, you already knew that. Secondly, Waikato only needs one noble line, Nga uri o Hoturoa, for Tuheitia to claim Ariki status. Yet you also forget Rakataura, also of noble birth. Every single person on that waka was related in one way or another to each other, be it daughter, son, nephew, niece etc. Your comments smack of deep seated hatred, at a level that surprises me for I have never seen anything so spiteful written by a Maori, about other Maori in all my life. Your words in the old days would have put your entire village, hapuu in danger. Kia tuupato tou haere ehoa,


  41. Partariki maiho
    Sep 18, 2016 @ 14:25:13

    True fragmentation in motion not very tika or pono kingi Potatau tipona will prevail unity to the collective thereof


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