Beneficiary mentality…?

The Maori king shows his hand… what the fcuk the Maori king’s flunkies are accusing the ordinary members of the tribe of having a quote unquote beneficiary mentality. They are totally out of touch. What a fcuking condescending attitude shown by the ‘elitists’ towards the peasants.

What on earth would ever lead them to that conclusion? The reason we say this is because the 63,999 other members of the tribe have received very little or nothing back from the tribe, as certain tribal executives boast about this very tribe having nigh on a billion dollars worth of assets.

The very people who are meant to benefit from the tribal income have gotten nothing more than microscopic payback but plenty of lip service over the last almost 20 years. Pitiful.

Something must to be mentioned about the person who really has a beneficiary mentality… that’s right… you know who…

The vast amount of Tainui’s profits go to a single beneficiary. This beneficiary has just received another million dollar top-up from the tribe. This brings the cumulative value of his benefits to a staggering $15 million dollars over a handful of years. In a mockery of charitable institutions in New Zealand the $15 mill has been deposited into this beneficiary’s very own charitable organization. From there the money is diverted to spending on land rovers, luxury homes, race cars, first-class travel, five-star hotels and countless other baubles of luxury and haute couture.

Worst of all though, this individual beneficiary deems it as his right to gamble and lose millions of dollars in gambling dens here and overseas. What a mug. And that’s not even mentioning that he has a huge appetite for strong alcohol… he’d better keep a good eye on his liver…

And this fool does it all in our name.

We have no doubt though… you can guarantee he’ll burn through the cash real quick like he usually does. He is a dummie who has no sense of responsibility. This beneficiary will have his hand out for more tribal cash and benefits in a few months time. You can bet on it.

WarningWarning alert! Kia tupato! The following text is propaganda released by the traitors working against the people:

Executive summary
• The Kiingitanga is a vital element in reclaiming mana motuhake and giving meaning to our role and responsibilities as kaitiaki of the movement.

• More needs to be done to protect and support the King.

• There is an overwhelming desire for change in our governance structures so as to better respond to the needs of our people.

• A Working Party is to be established to explore options and alternatives, which will then form the basis for further consultation with tribal members.

• Our tribal leadership must be suitably qualified, have relevant experience and the business and management skills necessary to deliver positive outcomes for tribal members.

• Communications must be improved across the board to ensure accountability and that tribal members are able to make informed decisions and participate fully in tribal decision making at the Marae and governance levels. There is a need for a comprehensive communications plan that covers all tribal entities and reaches a broad audience of tribal members.

• Traditional communications channels such as Poukai are a vital link between the King and his people.

• More emphasis needs to be given to developing employment and training opportunities for tribal members by leveraging the tribal puutea in innovative and proactive ways. This would entail moving away from a ‘beneficiary mentality’ towards tino rangatiratanga/mana motuhake through, for example, joint business ventures.

• Marae are the focal point of their communities. We need to do more to support and maintain the mana of our Marae as platforms for embedding reo, tikanga, manaaktianga, kotahitanga.

• Acknowledge the fundamental importance of rangatahi inbuliding better support and strengthening the movement for the future. Increased education opportunities-both formal and informal- was cited as very important for everyone.

• Develop a tribal strategy that supports our Marae, whaanau and individuals to protect and strengthen our tikanga, kawa, cultural practices, values and beliefs. The strategy must reach into our tribal kete of knowledge and support our kaumaatua to provide leadership and create separate education pathways for all- from the cradle to the grave.


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  1. Mat
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 17:27:34

    ERAKA. What’s happening to you?

    I think your article is becoming too personal. I base this observation from reading information available on other sites. I enjoy reading truth without biase and not the opposite. I like facts that are current and not based on personal gain. Your previous articles were great and informative and not this desire for a cause/get em thinking!!. Tainui has 60,000 members and I’m one of them. Please inspire me to continue reading your articles and not force me to go elsewhere to find it.


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Mar 26, 2013 @ 05:35:25

      Oh…. we take it VERY personally. When we are facing the biggest RIP-OFF perpetrated by our own kind… it becomes VERY personal.


      • Mat
        Mar 27, 2013 @ 15:15:25

        Thank you for your reply. I still can’t help but think your comments are personal. You say a lot about what’s being spent and where? I’m assuming you have the evidence? If transparency is required? then I agree. The Queen of England now has to be more transparent??? Waikato-Tainui have a number of people WORKING HARD for the beneficiary’s of the tribe. If you WORK HARD you should get something for it regardless of who you are. I look forward to your future articles becoming more and more transparent.

  2. :)
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 08:09:40

    Lets face it, the Tainui Settlement in it self is a breach of the Treaty. In a previous posting someone had written that Potatau did not sign the Treaty but “7 old men did”. Yet his descendents are the major beneficiaries of the Tainui Settlement. All the other descendents of Treaty signatories are not. They are acting as paid kupapa to extinguish our Treaty rights through the relativity clause, then using pakeha structures and laws to suppress us from getting anywhere near our assets. Hapu need to take a class action suit as this settlement is in breach of their rights.


    • Mat
      Mar 27, 2013 @ 14:53:29

      I see you have an interesting view of the treaty and you have a right to have one. You do realise the confiscation occured later on in history. I’m assuming your one of the 60,000 belonging to Waikato-Tainui as I am. What I would like to know is did your hapu have any of their land confiscated. My hapu did! Though we have not received in dollar figures what those lands are worth, we have received the apology and acknowledgement we longed for from the Crown for those lands taken. We as a hapu want to move forward and we beleive the Kingitanga is still the springboard for this. If your hapu have had their lands confiscated? I hope you have come to a similar place as we have.


      • :)
        Mar 27, 2013 @ 18:39:23

        Yes, my hapu did have their lands confiscated, but another hapu claimed our lands without us even knowing. We have not recieved one cent nor have any representation in Tainui. Despite my ancestors being signing the Treaty.

  3. Kuare Kore
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 18:22:45

    I tautoko Mat’s sentiments. This is unnecessarily doused in hate for the king over a few minor words – rather than just telling it how it is. I generally like what you have to say because it’s thought provoking for me as a member of Tainui. I’m always concerned with the way money is spent by our exec, but this article just makes me think ‘maybe we have nothing to worry about if we need to scrutinise a few words to call them traitors’. Kia kaha koe ki te whai i nga purongo whakahihiko-whakaaro, ne?


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Mar 27, 2013 @ 17:17:55

      Welcome back to the fold kare. And it is far more than just a few words. We’ve put up with his rubbish for years. The booze king has developed a habit of talking down in an abusive condescending manner to the ‘peasants’. How dare he accuse us of having a ‘beneficiary mentality’ while he and his family have been living it up in luxury on the backs of the people. Far far more than just a few words and they tell such a huge story about their attitude towards us sucking at the bottom of the Tainui ponzi pyramid. If you read between the lines you’ll find out a whole lot.


  4. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 17:09:45

    You say “If you WORK HARD you should get something for it regardless of who you are” while attempting to justify why the Maori king gets millions of dollars of tribal money. The people get nothing from that guy while he takes everything. Well… what about the other tens of thousands of people in this who work harder than the gambling, boozing, stupid king. What about them?


  5. Charlie B
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 17:27:25

    Kia Ora Eraka and you are right. There is only one person here with a beneficiary mentality who believes it is his god given right to help himself to that which does not belong to him and this guy is a prince.

    Accusing everyone else of having an attitude similar to his own is code for “there is only room for one crook in this outfit so rest of you interlopers can f*** off.” Whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine so go and loot some other bastards piggy bank you ungrateful serfs. I love it, this guy is all arse, no class.

    King of Huntly indeed. Still one cannot get too personal about such matters because its the Kingitanga you know. Play the ball not the man. We can disagree but not be disagreeable, life is so wonderful as we chuck large rocks at each other. Maoris such a violent race of people, a throw back no doubt to the good old days when eating others was not frowned upon.

    I love this website and I must admit for a moment there I thought you were Zionist right wing maori bashers. Paid to create havoc amongst the natives to bring them down but now I know the truth, you are the maori version of “good fellas” using a very sharp pencil instead of the sword. Don’t drink the cool aid of fear.


  6. Charlie B
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 18:56:00

    Well that is so good to know Eraka. Obviously you must be aware that your prime monster is a Rothchilds Zionist implant who came out of no where to become the darling of Joe and Jane Six pack using his Jewish background and banking connections to set the country up for great things to come like asset sales, slave wages and dumbing down of the serfs to keep them compliant.

    A wonderful illuminati prospect trying to earn his patch. Wow wait till he becomes a fully patched member then he can do some awesome shit. Tuku backed the wrong horse mate he should have sucked up to Hone K. Thats where the big bucks are but not sure if brown boys are allowed. Might be just a white boys club and of course one must be Jewish just like the mafia one must be Italian, got to get it right.

    I wondered why he had the govt supply him with a house next to his own full of cops as body guards 24/7 x 365 days of the yr. He must be an important man that fullah. Obviously expecting a bit of trouble too bro. Never mind. Keep up the good work brother “stirring” stuff mate, ka pai.


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Mar 30, 2013 @ 12:57:39

      Yes we are aware that “Hone Ki” is nothing but a Rothschild zionist sock-puppet. No doubt that Key is setting himself up for a plum position at Goldman Sacks after he is finished with wrecking New Zealand. The “sheeple” are getting exactly what they deserve with that guy.


  7. Lightbulb
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 08:42:27

    Urggh you people don’t even know … Why don’t you write about how the Government is ripping NZ off and leave the king to his own business !


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