Say NO to another fake restructuring!



Back in 2008 the Tainui tribal parliament was lied to and deviously tricked into giving this woman, Rukumoana Shafhousen, a blank cheque in order to carry out a false review of the tribal structure. This was done in order to carry out the dismantling of Te Kauhanganui by getting rid of the Marae representatives and replacing them with an individual with crazy power over tribal affairs, in other words a dictator. They were after the money. This dictator was meant to be Tuku Morgan. Morgan’s supporters were promised high salaried positions within the new structure (Robert Tukiri, Patience Te Ao, Shane Solomon, Charles Joe, Hori Awa, Maxine etc…) We could say more about Shafhousen’s other ‘personal’ involvement with Morgan but that’s another story which is well known within tribal circles.

Abusing the blank cheque extracted from the people Shaffhousen spent close to a million dollars of tribal dollars on this exercise which was a total waste of months of time and uh… a million bucks. Their greed was their undoing and the tribal parliament saw right through the thinly veiled power grab and rejected the incredibly ridiculous proposal by a massive margin.

Roll on 2013. You can bet that she’s lining up to try this rubbish again… in order to get rid of the tribal democratic process and strip the people of their rights and hand everything over to Morgan and the Emperor with no clothes.

The plan is the same as before. Here to destroy you they are after the money again.

Reject the deception! Say NO to Shaffhousen!


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  1. Ngawai Robinson
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 10:03:05

    Unlocking a way forward will change the kings’ plans of erasing our beneficiary mentality. We the beneficiaries demand a dividend now… post settlement.

    The king’s suggestion at the recent relativity hui attracted only 2.3 percent support or fourteen hundred beneficiaries? If we were still part owners of the casino some of the raupatu money he gambles away could have come back to us in share value!

    Mr Bill Takarei’s resignation as deputy allowed another catastrophe to occur. Foot-in-both- camps Mr Tuku Morgan has captured dual seats to help the king to wipe us out in so he can protect the mana of the king.

    Certain members of Te Arataura vowed to dissolve TKI, Mr Van Der Haden published his intent of veto so he can get his hands on the ring-fenced $170 million raupatu finance.

    For the first time in recent history TKI galvanised their casting vote last as a show of strength by saying NO to the proposed elimination project. I’d suggest this is a positive move as some members focused on the desires of the people…well done TKI.

    This is why we must demand an early election, any TKI officer or governance member(s) complicit in replacing TKI must submit their written resignations now, or be fired in accordance with the terms of our Incorporated agreement.

    We have the mandate, a resounding 97 percent of Tainui beneficiaries voted against your viewpoint Kingi Tuheitia. Now’s the time to call for a vote of no
    confidence in our leadership we must save what’s left of our raupatu money before it all disappears, demand an early election…


      Apr 12, 2013 @ 17:01:12

      Tautoko your korero!


      • Ngawai Robinson
        Apr 13, 2013 @ 06:00:43

        Kia ora Rangi Marie

        The Declaration of Independence was about the retention of sovereign ownership for Maori through tribal boundaries. The Treaty of Waitangi set up the process for the Crown to take away ownership, through public transference in favour of partnerships; we see these outcomes played out every day… the losers are Maori.

        The Crowns (kings) Charter sets about destroying (erasing) our hapu and whanau rights through the transference of ownership, power and tribal responsibility which comes with Tainui’s Deed of Settlement.

        That was one of the reasons why our Tupuna didn’t sign the Treaty he foresaw the ramifications (troubled waters) and the outcomes the Treaty would bring.

        Should Te Kauhanganui Inc, agree to the Crowns (kings) Charter we are in effect re-enacting this same catastrophe.

  2. Sam
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 11:55:26

    Ka pai and well done


  3. Cory
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 15:29:26

    I have followed what is happening to Tainui with interest and can not accept that the people don’t get off their butts and sort this fiasco out. Speaking from a position as an on looker not connected to Tainui and have nothing to gain no matter what– I am one of the 90% of the general public that look at this senario as a very sad pathetic state of affairs. YOU MUST get that that ‘morgan’ traiter and any of his lap licking mates out of your system. Tainui credibility no longer exists for most people of NZ. Get a democratic body voted in to run the affairs and regain some credibility. And imeadiately send the morgan walking– or sooner.
    Tata tuku– hello credibility. Until that Tainui are a joke and all the worlds laughting.
    Sorry but it’s true- ask some one who’s not Tainui.


      Apr 12, 2013 @ 17:06:10

      Thats half the problem with MAORIDOM managed by those who are ‘over the hill’. Theyve had their time of talking. Time to bring in the next generation to REPACE THE BUGGARS! Where is justice? We never had Kamatua councils, its and deception. We operated under the Whakapapa ranks of ARIKI Tohunga(Kings & Priests whakapapa) 1st authority & the RANGATIRA as 2nd in Authority. Anything else is a FAKE leadership. at the moment age dominates, and Intellectualism.


  4. Tainui Hard
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 15:31:44

    Robinson has no idea about tribal politics but likes to give the impression they do. Robinson does not engage or attend any Tainui or Kingitanga kaupapa therefore does not know the mood of the people at the grass roots level or at a governance level. Robinson is giving an opinion of no substance.


    • Ngawai Robinson
      Mar 27, 2013 @ 10:07:38

      One of the most damaging effects of colonisation is reflected by the stupidity of your ranting.

      My whakapapa line will continue long after your tenure. The migration of my whanau to Australia and further afield in search of work my disabled whanau and those who live else-where in Aotearoa will continue to whakapapa to our marae. They won’t be disenfranchised by your colonised aim to eliminate us or our voting rights.

      To all our whanau living overseas and else-where in NZ, submit your written proxy
      votes to those who’ll act on your behalf at the next marae elections (witnessed by your GP, JP, RN, or officer of the dept of Justice) etc.


  5. Sam
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 15:46:40

    We will see wont we


    Mar 26, 2013 @ 15:53:42

    I belong to about 7 Maori trusts including Raukawa, Te Arawa, Tuwharetoa, Ngati Porou, Te Arawa Tapuika through Both parents Maori Whakapapa lines. I have never received anything, except mail. Ive seen faces come and go, new people saying they’ll make a difference. The only one who’s rang this year was Tuwharetoa, asking if they could insulate our rental house for us. other than that, Maori Trusts were historically introduced by the Elizabeth’s CROWN Maori land court and as long as we keep answering to their accounting & legislation policy policing – this is where the monies poured. Rather than directly banking TRUSTS Profits of putea into individual tribal members bank accounts TO ALL WHANAU! As long as Trusts are instructed by accountants and lawyers, until we end these systems we account to and bring in our own. Maori trusts remain a CROWN endeavour.


  7. tainui_bull
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 16:30:14

    Better late than never , I guess its time to get the whanau together and start making a noise. We start by sending eviction notices to all tenants that are occupying our Land. But wait theres more , stay tuned.


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