Lets remind Mike Pohio about Ryman

Hey Mike! Remember when you sold that bunch of Tainui shares, the 22.5 million shares in the Ryman company back in 2011? You sold out for $58 million. Hey Mike do you remember where the stock market was at that point in time? We will remind you Mike, the stock market was at a huge low point Mike. That’s right, low-time, big time! The point about buying shares is to sell them when the price is high right? And you sold low, right? Right thats what we predicted back when you hocked em off! Guess what Mike those very shares are trading at $6.40 today! You sold ’em out for a lowly 2 bucks fifty-eight Mike! Today those shares are worth $144,000,000. Sweet Jeezus! One hundred and forty-four million dollars. How much did you lose for us Mike?

You sold us out, you screwed up and lost us a f%#king fortune – Mike Pohio you are such a f%#king idiot, thats what.

And are we supposed to get advice from a clown like you when your desire is to get rid of Te Kauhanganui so that you can continue on your merry way? Hell no!

Maori king demands kickbacks from NAH-TEE HOE-AHH

sopranosThe Kingitanga Mafia’s gluttonous appetite for a free lunch continues.

There should be no prizes for guessing who had his big fat hand out after the NAH-TEE HOE-AHH tribe signed off on their compensation package with government representatives the other day.

In exactly the same manner with which they extracted $100,000 from the Ngati Koroki tribe, the Maori king and Rangi Whakaruru are demanding a ‘loyalty’ fees payment of $100,000 from the NAH-TEE HOE-AHH people.

One must wonder if he is declaring these ‘royalties’ to the tax department?

Sir Henry forced to eat humble pie

The Chinese show him who’s the boss. Clown Der Heyden is forced to bow down and apologize for insulting comments made at a Women’s conference. Hours later, shipments of NZ meat which were stranded at Chinese docks for weeks are given clearance by Chinese authorities. Is there anybody else round here connecting the dots? In the meantime the European Union gives the go-ahead for arms shipments to Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. The world is going mad.

Links: I’m sorry for China comments: ex – Fonterra headChina clears Kiwi meat

Updates from the weekend

  1. As we have predicted from the start, the Tainui People’s Parliament is not the forum for staff members to air their personal matters. These weak-minded individuals were only being manipulated by Tuku Morgan anyway. The cockroaches making false accusations like Patsy Parekawhia Mclean and Rick Maipi (Tuku’s bro) have been sent scurrying back to the sewers where they belong.
  2. The candidates for the Chairperson’s position were too unpopular and nobody was selected. It is obvious that they are waiting for a real leader to step forward rather than one that has been handpicked by Rangi Whakaruru.
  3. Te Whakahawea Rapana rode in a one-horse race on donkey number #13 and he wins the race for the deputy chairmanship.
  4. Has Tuku Morgan been asked to front the Tauranga people’s land claims for millions of dollars? Oh we guarantee that they will live to regret that decision!
  5. Has Tuku Morgan offered Tania Martin a huge sum of money on the condition that she makes all his problems disappear or…
  6. Is Tania Martin demanding a huge Pay-ola from Tuku Morgan, and if he doesn’t pay up she threatens to keep dragging his ass into court for years to come…

Oh it could only happen at Tainui!

We just had to share this:



He flew at them in a rage of fury…

He is massive. His fists are clenched. His eyes are blood red with pure anger. Saliva dripps from the corner of his mouth. A monster. A devil. Pure evil. The women have nowhere to run or hide. Gripped with fear they huddle together in the corner of the room. They cannot bear to look at him, even to plead for their lives. They bury their faces into the palms of their hands. One of them screamed a horrendous death scream. Memories of their lives flashed before their eyes, the women wondered if they would ever see their children again. The big woman cowered in shock and she pooped herself. The poop stains would eventually wash out, but the stains on her psyche would last forever… it would not have come to this if only the photocopies had been done on time.

Yeah, Nah, Whatever! Here’s what an eye witness recounted to us about the Rau incident: Rau is frustrated at certain individuals efforts to stifle progress at a meeting. Administrative help should have been available but it was being deliberately blocked by CEO Patsy Mclean. Aware that such administrative help had been available 24/7 to Tuku More-Again until he was ousted, those same services are being witheld from Tom Roa and Hemi Rau. Frustrations rose and voices were raised. There were no standover tactics of any sort. That was it. Sorry it couldn’t be more dramatic. What a let-down.

Certain personnel have become so used to the threats and abuse meted out to them by Tuku Morgan, that eventually the victims began to identify with their abuser. Totally conned by Morgan they have suffered what is known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. This continues today as they are being used by Morgan to level their accusations against Roa, Tukere and Rau. This incident should have been dealt with months ago in a different setting. The women making the complaints have been used and abused by Morgan.

These executive types ought to know better. Patsy Mclean should swallow a whole handful of anti-depressants to help her get past this one.

Patsy tries harder…

Cast your memory back perhaps a year or so ago, remember when Parekawhia Patsy Mclean accused Tania Martin of viciously assaulting her. Made her cry even. The ‘horrendous attack’ was so damn vicious that Patsy didn’t even bother calling the police about it. Thats how vicious it was – if it happened at all.

Fast forward and we hear that Patsy has been subjected to another vicious attack. This time the accused is Hemi Rua. What did he do? Did he make funny faces at her? Did he make a big eye at her? Did he poke his tongue out at her? Did somebody else fart and she took it upon herself to blame it on Rua again? Did she cry again? Did her feelings get hurt?

Why has it taken so long for the issue to be brought up? We’ll tell you why. Its because Patsy is being used as a proxy for the real accuser. And thats Tuku Morgan. He is the scoundrel behind these ‘vicious attack’ blamings and poor little Patsy Mclean is happy to play the role of the ‘battered’ victim.

Book your seats for the upcoming kangaroo court it’ll be a sell out.

Here’s one who hasn’t been duped…

Just when you thought that the younger generation were a bunch of good-for-nothings along comes one who reassures us that the future may well be in good hands… Kiwa Huata we salute you… “Dissenter raises trade deal questions.

Welcome back Dick Der Heyden

911-twin-towers-fireRemember that Sir Henry Dick Van Dyke Der Hayden stood at Turangawaewae and told you all that you’re holding him back. Soon he will stand up in front of the Tainui People’s Parliament. Whether he will be as upfront as he was at Turangawaewae or perhaps he might be a bit more subtle this time round, however his message will be the same. He wants you all gone. He wants to take all that you have. You lot are standing in the way. Because his kind is better than your kind. And you should get out!

He feels like he has to bow down in front of people that he despises. Dick Der Hayden’s agenda is clear. So is Tuku’s. So is Fat Boy Whakaruru’s. In their opinion the ordinary people of the Tainui tribe are nothing but slaves with a ‘beneficiary mentality’.

We will be up front when we say that Dick is nothing but an ssahole and he is standing in the good company of crooks, liars and thieves…

Their attempt to get rid of Roa and Rau is just the first shot in their war against the Tainui People’s Parliament.

Watch as Harawira tears Sharples a new one…

“…It’s one thing to watch the rich white boys give their mates all the lollies while the poor little Maori kids get by on scraps … it’s bloody embarrassing though having to watch their Maori mates cheer them on, and the Maori Party should be ashamed for turning their backs on Kura Kaupapa Maori. That’s what the fuss is all about.”

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