Tainui, oh Tainui!

The Maori king is broke and desperate to have the Tainui money pipe reopened so that he can continue his lavish lifestyle that consists mainly of nights frittered away at the Skycity casino.

Tuku Morgan is broke and desperate for power as he always is. Morgan’s lies are flowing and besides, he has promised to deliver more, millions more to the king in order to keep in the king’s favors.

Say what you like about Roa and Rau whatever your opinion about them is, they are the people responsible for cutting the spending that an irresponsible board led by Morgan, sent Tainui millions of dollars into the red. Money that should have gone to Marae projects, but all that resulted were lawyers bills.

Morgan and his flunkies continue their attack on Tom Roa and Rau in their desperation and greed to take control of Tainui’s money, assets, and for their own self-aggrandizement (they are pompous blow hards).

Morgan to attempt another swindle!

The scumbag Morgan who was thrown out onto the trash heap by Te Kauhanganui only to be revived by a desperate Maori king and Whakaruru, is up to his old tricks!

The broke Morgan is desperate to break the Roa/Rau/Tukere/Wilson/Porima deadlock by attempting to have Rau thrown out by way of technicalities (shades of Tania Martin eh!). Morgan lusts after Rau’s seat on the TGH board, but more importantly the paycheck that comes with it!

And we must say that those Te Arataura members who buy into Morgans temptations for their own selfishness will only end up getting swindled by him, with Morgan the payback is rotten – he always rips you off, always! Patience Te Ao, Charles Joe, Robert Tukire, and Maxine Moana can attest to that!

Need we say again, that the scum named Tuku Morgan is offering the sweeties to any and all who will listen in his crusade to get rid of Roa and Rau.

Let us also remind you that his ulterior motive is the ultimate destruction of Te Kauhanganui and the theft of the tribal resources for himself and the Maori king’s band of traitors. Shame shame shame!