Watch as Harawira tears Sharples a new one…

“…It’s one thing to watch the rich white boys give their mates all the lollies while the poor little Maori kids get by on scraps … it’s bloody embarrassing though having to watch their Maori mates cheer them on, and the Maori Party should be ashamed for turning their backs on Kura Kaupapa Maori. That’s what the fuss is all about.”

Questions for Rangi Whakaruru:

Where did all the money go Rangi? What did you do with millions of dollars Rangi? Why are you guys broke Rangi? You got millions and millions of dollars from the people of this tribe – what do you have to show for it Rangi? Why are you getting your king to demand more money from the people, is it because you are broke Rangi? When will you have an audit done and become accountable to the people Rangi? It’s their money after all.

Count so far: $15 million!

We would absolutely hate to be in Rangi’s shoes right now or at any time!

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