Welcome back Dick Der Heyden

911-twin-towers-fireRemember that Sir Henry Dick Van Dyke Der Hayden stood at Turangawaewae and told you all that you’re holding him back. Soon he will stand up in front of the Tainui People’s Parliament. Whether he will be as upfront as he was at Turangawaewae or perhaps he might be a bit more subtle this time round, however his message will be the same. He wants you all gone. He wants to take all that you have. You lot are standing in the way. Because his kind is better than your kind. And you should get out!

He feels like he has to bow down in front of people that he despises. Dick Der Hayden’s agenda is clear. So is Tuku’s. So is Fat Boy Whakaruru’s. In their opinion the ordinary people of the Tainui tribe are nothing but slaves with a ‘beneficiary mentality’.

We will be up front when we say that Dick is nothing but an ssahole and he is standing in the good company of crooks, liars and thieves…

Their attempt to get rid of Roa and Rau is just the first shot in their war against the Tainui People’s Parliament.

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  1. Te Whare
    May 23, 2013 @ 07:15:30

    Well lets be real here , we need to look at our constitution because it is clear that the current system is not working .I believe in the team of people who have been chosen to lead this kaupapa , which includes Nanaia Mahuta and all the C.E.O’s of the tribe. There would have to be at least a two years of consultation with the people before any change is made as Ta Rapata Mahuta and his team did in the early days of the Raupatu settlement. As for Rau lets just see what happens here as you know Eraka whoever you are that the accusations againts Rau are infact true and correct , just ask the people who were victoms of those verbal assaults. How can you yourself justify such actions by a senior leader of this tribe , your quick to discredit everyone else but seem to leave the real korero idle.


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