He flew at them in a rage of fury…

He is massive. His fists are clenched. His eyes are blood red with pure anger. Saliva dripps from the corner of his mouth. A monster. A devil. Pure evil. The women have nowhere to run or hide. Gripped with fear they huddle together in the corner of the room. They cannot bear to look at him, even to plead for their lives. They bury their faces into the palms of their hands. One of them screamed a horrendous death scream. Memories of their lives flashed before their eyes, the women wondered if they would ever see their children again. The big woman cowered in shock and she pooped herself. The poop stains would eventually wash out, but the stains on her psyche would last forever… it would not have come to this if only the photocopies had been done on time.

Yeah, Nah, Whatever! Here’s what an eye witness recounted to us about the Rau incident: Rau is frustrated at certain individuals efforts to stifle progress at a meeting. Administrative help should have been available but it was being deliberately blocked by CEO Patsy Mclean. Aware that such administrative help had been available 24/7 to Tuku More-Again until he was ousted, those same services are being witheld from Tom Roa and Hemi Rau. Frustrations rose and voices were raised. There were no standover tactics of any sort. That was it. Sorry it couldn’t be more dramatic. What a let-down.

Certain personnel have become so used to the threats and abuse meted out to them by Tuku Morgan, that eventually the victims began to identify with their abuser. Totally conned by Morgan they have suffered what is known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. This continues today as they are being used by Morgan to level their accusations against Roa, Tukere and Rau. This incident should have been dealt with months ago in a different setting. The women making the complaints have been used and abused by Morgan.

These executive types ought to know better. Patsy Mclean should swallow a whole handful of anti-depressants to help her get past this one.