He flew at them in a rage of fury…

He is massive. His fists are clenched. His eyes are blood red with pure anger. Saliva dripps from the corner of his mouth. A monster. A devil. Pure evil. The women have nowhere to run or hide. Gripped with fear they huddle together in the corner of the room. They cannot bear to look at him, even to plead for their lives. They bury their faces into the palms of their hands. One of them screamed a horrendous death scream. Memories of their lives flashed before their eyes, the women wondered if they would ever see their children again. The big woman cowered in shock and she pooped herself. The poop stains would eventually wash out, but the stains on her psyche would last forever… it would not have come to this if only the photocopies had been done on time.

Yeah, Nah, Whatever! Here’s what an eye witness recounted to us about the Rau incident: Rau is frustrated at certain individuals efforts to stifle progress at a meeting. Administrative help should have been available but it was being deliberately blocked by CEO Patsy Mclean. Aware that such administrative help had been available 24/7 to Tuku More-Again until he was ousted, those same services are being witheld from Tom Roa and Hemi Rau. Frustrations rose and voices were raised. There were no standover tactics of any sort. That was it. Sorry it couldn’t be more dramatic. What a let-down.

Certain personnel have become so used to the threats and abuse meted out to them by Tuku Morgan, that eventually the victims began to identify with their abuser. Totally conned by Morgan they have suffered what is known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. This continues today as they are being used by Morgan to level their accusations against Roa, Tukere and Rau. This incident should have been dealt with months ago in a different setting. The women making the complaints have been used and abused by Morgan.

These executive types ought to know better. Patsy Mclean should swallow a whole handful of anti-depressants to help her get past this one.


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  1. Ngawai Robinson
    May 24, 2013 @ 09:53:46

    I voted for Te Kauhanganui tribal representatives to focus on our financial wellbeing let’s focus on supporting TGH’s battle with HCC. Utilise the Employment Tribunal for employment related matters.

    HCC cage rattlers are supporting Percival residents whose core business is to stop TGH by any means possible even using emotionally based strategies to stop TGH going forward.

    The quoted figure is $30 million dollars- that’s what Percival residents want from TGH in the form of a buy-out package and they have HCC political support.

    HCC’s 12 years of animosity towards TGH’s development isn’t about to change anytime soon given HCCs’ daily interest repayments schedule tallying $72,400 is sheer stupidity from a business perspective.

    Looks like Standard and Poors the international money lenders are clamping down on local govt defaulters (in-waiting) they will no longer wish to fund HCCs vote buying. That’s what happens when a recession hits Hamilton.

    The flightless Kiwi air proposal never got off the ground did it Cr Wilson or the Claudelands Events Centre V8 debacle spend-up remember that Cr McPherson.

    So its desperate times for HCC who want Tainui to foot their bills: e.g. $30 million sounds about right.

    So the issues’ at the forefront of TGH’s growth or demise should be the basis and cornerstone of Te Kauhanganui’s business agenda this month.

    Publically voiced comments such as “Tainui you’re not putting your grubby Maori business in our backyards” ploy is more likely to impact our future trade and employment demands which can cause reputational damage for us in the business world, so our Marae representatives need to refocus and do the business by supporting TGH rather than remaining on the sideline – watching with interest.

    Mr. Morgan needs to take some of his own sage advice and let the HR team do their job of fully investigating such employment matters that’s why Tainui pay the Human Resource team salaries…. think about it whanau?

    Mr Morgan isn’t the Employment Tribunal nor is Te Kauhanganui so put a stop to being blatantly misdirected and kick Mr. Morgan and his agenda out the door.


  2. Charlie B
    May 24, 2013 @ 14:57:59

    Gotta watch out for those bloody cage rattlers aye what! HCC were always anti hori so ya gotta understand that they want things to go back to the good old days when the brown niggras were subservient and respectful to the great white mazza.

    That is why maori lost so much land down in Why-kick-a-moo-cow. A whole lot of mooing going on bro, too much of that shit. All the the Kupapas from way back have got a lot to answer for and HCC are an organisation opposed to the interests of Maori not just Tainui especially when the niggras get above their station. In their eyes It upsets the natural balance of things and is not normal.

    Too many honky doris’s on that council think they are still fighting the maori wars the dopy mutts. Regardless of whose side any body is on in the great debate around Tainui governance, everyone should unite to stick it to these jealous bastards because that is really what this it is all about. Having had my rant for the day, Kia Ora bro and bro-ses, give HCC a good serve, the fucken wankers!


  3. Tainui Hard
    May 26, 2013 @ 06:38:16

    Whats really disturbing is the standards by which people expect others to live by without imposing the same on themselves. The election of a new Deputy Chair (he Rangatahi hoki) but sadly no Chair (yet) will literally bring the Rangatahi focus into the mix, thats a good thing. TGH’s focus on economic stability & growth for Waikato-Tainui through property development & investments will always attract barriers & prejudices. Driven mostly by fear & jealousy of the inevitable rise & rise of Waikato Tainui as an emerging power & significant contributor to the growth & development of not only Kirikiriroa, but Waikato and the whole country. Same can be said of Ngai Tahu who’s contribution to their Iwi and the country are already being felt in a hugely positive way. HCC’s response to TGH (Waikato Tainui) is simply a reflection of that fear & jealousy. Re. Te Kauhanganui members, not all are there for the free lunch or attendance fee, many are genuinely there to make a difference for the marae & hapu which make up Waikato-Tainui, unfortunately the current governance structure limits that potential, unless someone can come up with a better one it remains business as usual, regardless of who’s fronting it.


  4. Voice
    May 26, 2013 @ 07:20:50

    @tainui hard its not the structure you fool. Its the people working in the structure. Your korero is worse than a tradesman blaming his own tools for bad work. A structure is a tool and it doesnt matter how many good people you have in a structure, if theyre outnumbered 10-1 by corruption and incompetence it doesnt matter what the bloody structure is.


  5. Tainui Hard
    May 26, 2013 @ 09:08:29

    Tom tried & failed using the structure/tool available to him, Tania tried & failed by changing the tool available to her, Tuku tried & failed using the same tool in a different way…yet got back in again, its the structure aka known as the Constitution fool.


  6. Voice
    May 26, 2013 @ 11:01:20

    Your the fool. Tom Roa was a wimp and still is. Tuku Morgan only got back in because if he goes down he will take the greedy king with him. Tania Martin I hear is enjoying life. If you get out and listen to the grass roots tainui hard. Its not the king that everyone is inspired by and the king will be gone before the current struture is.. The iwi will have its say. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Bwahahahaha


  7. Tainui Hard
    May 26, 2013 @ 18:29:28

    Tania Martin I hear is not enjoying life and Is apparently finding it difficult to move on after TE KHN but you are right the majority of Waikato Tainui and the motu so Im told at grass roots level are not inspired by the greedy king or his lackeys which includes Tom and Tuku but instead by honest hardworking folk who dont rely on handouts from the tribal purse & who still do the hard yards back at the marae in rain hail or shine. btw smoking is bad for you.


  8. Voice
    May 27, 2013 @ 01:09:44

    @tainui,hard you seem to know Tania Martin all I know is shes got mana and nothing you say will change that. So what if she failed. She didnt hide behind a blog bwahahaha. With the king Tom roa and Tuku at least we agree on something.


  9. Te Whare
    May 28, 2013 @ 06:31:00

    @Tainui hard your right the constitution is no longer fit for purpose anymore the rules are unclear with loop holes everywhere which is why we end up in court , i have faith in the review committe to come up with options and a consultation round to engage with all marae and members of waikato tainui so that we all have a say on how we can move forward.


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