Updates from the weekend

  1. As we have predicted from the start, the Tainui People’s Parliament is not the forum for staff members to air their personal matters. These weak-minded individuals were only being manipulated by Tuku Morgan anyway. The cockroaches making false accusations like Patsy Parekawhia Mclean and Rick Maipi (Tuku’s bro) have been sent scurrying back to the sewers where they belong.
  2. The candidates for the Chairperson’s position were too unpopular and nobody was selected. It is obvious that they are waiting for a real leader to step forward rather than one that has been handpicked by Rangi Whakaruru.
  3. Te Whakahawea Rapana rode in a one-horse race on donkey number #13 and he wins the race for the deputy chairmanship.
  4. Has Tuku Morgan been asked to front the Tauranga people’s land claims for millions of dollars? Oh we guarantee that they will live to regret that decision!
  5. Has Tuku Morgan offered Tania Martin a huge sum of money on the condition that she makes all his problems disappear or…
  6. Is Tania Martin demanding a huge Pay-ola from Tuku Morgan, and if he doesn’t pay up she threatens to keep dragging his ass into court for years to come…

Oh it could only happen at Tainui!

We just had to share this: