Updates from the weekend

  1. As we have predicted from the start, the Tainui People’s Parliament is not the forum for staff members to air their personal matters. These weak-minded individuals were only being manipulated by Tuku Morgan anyway. The cockroaches making false accusations like Patsy Parekawhia Mclean and Rick Maipi (Tuku’s bro) have been sent scurrying back to the sewers where they belong.
  2. The candidates for the Chairperson’s position were too unpopular and nobody was selected. It is obvious that they are waiting for a real leader to step forward rather than one that has been handpicked by Rangi Whakaruru.
  3. Te Whakahawea Rapana rode in a one-horse race on donkey number #13 and he wins the race for the deputy chairmanship.
  4. Has Tuku Morgan been asked to front the Tauranga people’s land claims for millions of dollars? Oh we guarantee that they will live to regret that decision!
  5. Has Tuku Morgan offered Tania Martin a huge sum of money on the condition that she makes all his problems disappear or…
  6. Is Tania Martin demanding a huge Pay-ola from Tuku Morgan, and if he doesn’t pay up she threatens to keep dragging his ass into court for years to come…

Oh it could only happen at Tainui!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ngawai Robinson
    May 28, 2013 @ 06:21:10

    Dear Mr Van der Haden
    If you want to win over the 97% of the people’s vote of confidence you need to come up with a plan that incorporates our cultural differences, what we value in the perceived world of business.

    Translated into Tainuitanga its means give some serious thought to asking our people who they want as their representative(s) to sit alongside your stacked kingitanga board of facilitators!

    Marginalizing and reclassifying tribal members as a bunch people with a beneficiary mentality is simply disgraceful. That’s one of the reasons why you attracted a low voter turnout of -3%!

    We don’t disagree with your plans for wealth creation if it means all the people related by whakapapa can retain their voice and vote in our tribal political, social and economic matters.
    The explanation you’re adopting as an inherent measure to reconfigure Te Kauhanganui and it’s committee to ground zero status is an unacceptable deal breaker.

    I don’t believe a majority of tribal members will permit the transfer of power and resources from the people of Waikato Tainui to TGH without first exploring and negotiating the protection of our whakapapa rights it’s our autonomy vs. relying on other influences!

    By the way we’re not like the farmers back in the heyday of fonterra they accrued and built systems they introduced and continue to refine and control. One of the reasons why the Miraka co-op moved out of fonterra. We have a new player on the milk market – a unique Maori brand and look at where they are today some 13 years later!!


  2. Ngawai Robinson
    May 31, 2013 @ 04:58:24

    The welfare of the tribe is the responsibility of the king he say’s!

    Where was the king when the people of Waikato Tainui were being openly abused by Mr Morgan his spokesman who reclassified and refers’ to tribal members as low life beneficiaries!

    The free matariki lunch is trade-off for vote buying.

    Fonterra optimized their opportunities once the govt announced a nationwide drought; fonterra’s administrators knew the farmers would eventually sell their economic rights in order to save their farms and stock, now they can look forward to a low profit future.

    That’s what the king’s team is hoping to convince the tribe to do on the weekend. They want you all to hand them a lunch platter made up of: – millions of dollars in assets, business ventures and a fresh cash injection of $70 million with interest!!!

    Its your vote and assets they want whanau… on the weekend if you decide to attend the hui use your choice wisely.

    If you don’t like what’s on offer – walk away.


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