Lets remind Mike Pohio about Ryman

Hey Mike! Remember when you sold that bunch of Tainui shares, the 22.5 million shares in the Ryman company back in 2011? You sold out for $58 million. Hey Mike do you remember where the stock market was at that point in time? We will remind you Mike, the stock market was at a huge low point Mike. That’s right, low-time, big time! The point about buying shares is to sell them when the price is high right? And you sold low, right? Right thats what we predicted back when you hocked em off! Guess what Mike those very shares are trading at $6.40 today! You sold ’em out for a lowly 2 bucks fifty-eight Mike! Today those shares are worth $144,000,000. Sweet Jeezus! One hundred and forty-four million dollars. How much did you lose for us Mike?

You sold us out, you screwed up and lost us a f%#king fortune – Mike Pohio you are such a f%#king idiot, thats what.

And are we supposed to get advice from a clown like you when your desire is to get rid of Te Kauhanganui so that you can continue on your merry way? Hell no!