Morgan wants his prison back

Overheard in a recent conversation the scumbag Tuku Morgan is attempting to revive his pet project – a private prison owned by the Tainui tribe.

How do private prisons reach their profit targets? Private prisons make money off incarcerations. The more people they lock up and the longer they keep them, the more money they make. Its simple. The profitability of private prison jails depends on the prison population continuing to go up. Watch as the rate of incarcerations increases in order to keep the profits flowing into the pockets of the private prison owners.

And Tuku Morgan wants a huge piece of that for Tainui. In our opinion thats totally disgusting.

Imagine the incredible satisfaction that the government would get if Tainui people worked for the government to jail our very own people. The propaganda mileage that the government would take from this would be horrendous for all Maori. This is what Tuku Morgan wants.