Susan Cullen says adios to Maori king

After a ‘lengthy’ 3-month stint, Susan Cullen waves goodbye as a director of the Maori king’s fake charity, the Ururangi Trust.

We can only surmise that after the shocking state of affairs of the company financials were revealed to Cullen she went “Eek!” and fainted with horror. After regaining her composure she decided to withdraw her support and ditch the company – which is going under, before creditors start chasing her for Mr Paki’s and Whakaruru’s huge stinking pile of unpaid bills.

Susan Cullen made her own fortune under suspicious circumstances while at the Wananga o Aotearoa (where her own father paid her $30 $74 million minus kickbacks, no bias there eh!) and she knows full well that the lawyers will be chasing the deepest pockets – they will come after her first won’t they!

Lets see who the next fool is that will step up as a director for the Maori king’s shonky company. It is surely a risky proposition!

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  1. Charlie B
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 13:43:43

    Bit of insider trading well why not after all what’s a few brown envelopes between whanau whanau. When the white boys do it they call it “commissions” and when the brown boys do it the term is “those fucken maoris” are at it again.

    When the brown sheilas do it the term is oh my god how did she make so much sales so quickly especially selling stuff from Cuba and not one cigar amongst it. Yes sir those education programs from the great General Castro must have been good.

    The Wananga bought it hook line and sinker and that is why there are so many clever maoris who speak such beautiful English down in Te Awa-Me-Too home of Uenuku, Fonterra and the milky bar kid.

    Good on ya Suzy you go for it girl. Just watch out for Kings bearing gifts, could end up with a pig in a poke. Fake charities WTF next, seriously Mr Paki needs a bloody good talking to the little hound.


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  3. Makerealbany
    May 06, 2014 @ 15:16:30

    She is no dummy, that’s for sure. Wonder why she went on the Trust in the first place. A woman as intelligent as she is would have worked out in 5 minutes of looking at the financial records just what the hell was going on. Maybe a bit of a Profile Shot before venturing into politics? Who knows?


  4. Paretaihinu
    May 06, 2014 @ 15:57:21

    Pita and Tariana sure knows how to pick em. against Mana;s. IT guru which im sure wer’re well aware of how todays Rangatahi eill go ..Let the games begin..still i reckon Nanaia will be hard to beat come September…: May the best vote catcher’s win..)


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