Which sewer rat is gonna step up next?

Tuku Morgan is seeking applications for more dirty rats to lay false allegations against Tom Roa, Hemi Rau, and Marae Tukere after his last gang of accusers fell flat on their faces… Patsy Mclean, Rick Maipi etc…

We know that Tiko-roirangi (Shit Morgan) is eager to offer some sweet inducements to any Judas-wannabees who are ready to get up and point the finger at Roa and co.

Not long ago Potaka Maipi had his fun in the sun, the wicked Maipis are prominent in this subterfuge. Maipi got up and told the fairy tales against Rau, and succeeded in getting Rau sacked. The plot backfired though when months later the lies were uncovered and the tribe was forced to pay a massive compensation package to Rau. And an embarrassed Morgan had to make a public apology to Rau and his family. Prior to this blowing up in Morgan’s face, Morgan had rewarded his little Judas with the CEO position of the Koiora company.

Created secretively behind the scenes, Koiora is another scam company set up by Morgan and co to suck out more tribal funds. Another deception. See the pattern emerging?

So who will be the next to get up and make the accusations? Well they had better hurry up because there are only a few CEO jobs to go around. The coming weeks and months will reveal all!

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