Te Kauhanganui under review – another sham!

rubber-stampThe governance review committee’s deliberations are geared in a particular direction – towards finding grounds for rejecting the current structure where even the smallest back-country marae wields the power of a vote in Te Kauhanganui – the kind that Henry Van Der Hayden says is “in the way.”

Their plan is a simple one. Change the structure of the tribal representation. Fill it with patsies. Take all the money.

Expect Nanaia Mahuta and co. to find grounds for a smaller governance structure. Where its rigged at the final hurdle so that less marae will participate – what they have wanted all along, a rubber-stamp parliament under the complete control of a few elitists.

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  1. RangiMarie aka Lady Justice
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 07:53:05

    Thanks for your posts updating us of what happening in Tainui territory. The same bull sht is happening in Te Arawa and those who speak out against this tribal managment – PYRAMID model structure, we are rejected from our Marae’s, research funding applications rejected & generally get the cold shoulder treated like shit by this iwi. No reira! However! We fight on for a better tribal management of COMMON SENSE upholding the rights OF ALL our people to be housed & food provisions made available in DUTY OF CARE Management government. Rather than whanau names favoured, intelluectuals favoured, positions of status favoured over the TOHUNGA governance of the Ariki & Rangatira as 1st & 2nd in authority on the scales of balance. PUKANA & WERO!


  2. Ngawai Robinson
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 17:14:26

    The kings gone onto rehab now that’s a wise move… however, he won’t recover unless he and his court jesters Mr Morgan and Mr Whakaruru own up to the reputational damage and harm they’ve caused Waikato Tainui people over the years and in the lead up to the kings pretend abdication.

    Mr Morgan, you omitted to mention in the Waikato Times this week that you’re no longer the spokesperson for the KA on TKI now that he’s gone on permanent vacation.

    Up to now, our tribal resources have been covertly redistributed to a select entourage of kingitanga groupies with alot help from WRLT executives, their minimalist social and economic policies have failed our people, driven tribal members to despair and disillusionment, at the same time rewarding the king and his band of jesters as they sought to polarise Tainui from the legitimate elections process under the incorporated societies act.

    And they talk about TKI bringing the tribe into disrepute, sorry buddy it’s the other way round!

    To date we’ve been socially excluded, our rights, and the transfer of power from TKI re-appropriated, while our resources have been syphoned off by Mr Morgan and Mr Whakaruru as they drive a wedge of division across our tribe. Their strategies are willingly sanctioned by their yespert governance team.

    Their support structures ensure we remain marginalised and reclassified so the king can enjoy his expensive rehab programme knowing we’ll receive no dividend as tribal outsiders. These colonialist strategies must stop and will stop.

    Under the kingitanga colonisation was our constant contemporary, I don’t think we should accept this rubbish any longer whanau – what do you all think?

    Pack your bags Mr Morgan and Mr Whakaruru you two can go on permanent vacation since your boss effectively made you both redundant the moment he vacated his seat… we’ve added yous’ to the list of professional rejects along with the unelected son of the king.

    Waikato Tainui needs a new vision so let’s change our landscape to a future we can all look forward too.

    Its’ time to adopt new values and principles through the commitment to lifting our whanau out of poverty by improving the living standards of Waikato Tainui people living in hardship.

    Values are the foundation upon which decisions are made. We can do this whanau by genuinely recognising the diversity of professional views and the differing opinions of TKI members as we create a better understanding on how to move forward.

    It’s about recommending actionplans for improvement to help meet Waikato Tainui’s current social and economic needs within the financial context of our investment rights… kia kaha whanau.


  3. Celeste
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 15:42:04

    Rehab=vacation on board a cruise ship with the family – Vanuatu Sydney and so on – really wise!


    • cherbro8
      Jun 24, 2013 @ 16:35:39

      Rehab is a complex thing-ama-jigy, and as such one has to take into account all facets of the the treatment. Gambling as with drinking is an acquired art form so one must becareful not to upset the gods other wise the Taniwha on each bend bend of Mooloo county will bite you on the arse.


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Jun 24, 2013 @ 17:53:50

      What a pity that the ordinary Tainui folk are unable to receive gifts that allow them to escape the miserable Waikato winter aboard a luxury Pacific cruise liner.


  4. .
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 05:23:14

    Sounds like they are escaping before the tiko hits the fan.


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