The carrot or the stick?

carrot-stick The cartel of elitists who are currently plotting the downfall of the Tainui People’s Parliament face a huge hurdle: how will they persuade almost 70 marae to throw away their mana and surrender to the rule of the tribal self-serving elitists?

Well, the age old carrot and stick methods spring to mind in this matter.

The Stick Method: Give away your mana or else! The aim is to convince the great-unwashed that the Bogey-man, the Apocalypse and all manner of evil awaits them if they don’t restructure themselves out of the picture! It is expected that each marae must hand over their power immediately to those who would ‘save them’ – Tuku Morgan, Whakaruru, Vander Heyden etc. Quick! Do it before the sky falls down on your heads.

Dangling the Carrot:
Knowing that there are plenty of corrupt fools out there who would agree to selling out, each Marae would be offered the cash sweeteners upon agreeing to give themselves the chop. We know that Horahora Marae sold out to Morgan and Whakaruru back in 2009. It cost a cool million with the crooks attempting to cover up the scandal but to no avail. The truth always gets out.