The carrot or the stick?

carrot-stick The cartel of elitists who are currently plotting the downfall of the Tainui People’s Parliament face a huge hurdle: how will they persuade almost 70 marae to throw away their mana and surrender to the rule of the tribal self-serving elitists?

Well, the age old carrot and stick methods spring to mind in this matter.

The Stick Method: Give away your mana or else! The aim is to convince the great-unwashed that the Bogey-man, the Apocalypse and all manner of evil awaits them if they don’t restructure themselves out of the picture! It is expected that each marae must hand over their power immediately to those who would ‘save them’ – Tuku Morgan, Whakaruru, Vander Heyden etc. Quick! Do it before the sky falls down on your heads.

Dangling the Carrot:
Knowing that there are plenty of corrupt fools out there who would agree to selling out, each Marae would be offered the cash sweeteners upon agreeing to give themselves the chop. We know that Horahora Marae sold out to Morgan and Whakaruru back in 2009. It cost a cool million with the crooks attempting to cover up the scandal but to no avail. The truth always gets out.

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  1. RangiMarie aka Lady Justice
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 15:13:44

    Sad news again for those iwi oppressed and struggling whilst putea is put towards SELFISH means from those adults who should know better! Sounds like we ALL need a Miracle for radicle change to happen.


  2. .
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 05:32:15

    The sooner Waikato hapu realise the whole Waikato Tainui Settlement is a scam in which the government settled with a trust board beneficial to a sellect few, and not the hapu the better. It will remove this corporate enslavement oppression on our people. Read the Treaty of Waitangi. Read who signed it, many of Waikato Rangatira signed it. Not the Kingitanga who have deliberate undertaken social engineering and blurred our traditional hapu boundaries for a corporate takeover of whenua and resources.


  3. .
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 05:34:28
    Waikato Manukau sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi


  4. Charlie B
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 07:34:07

    The Waikato Tainui Settlement was a scam and the people are starting to wake up to the fact they are being disenfranchised and disempowered bit by bit.

    The thieves are trying to ram through their own agenda because they know time is running out. What is required is an SFO investigation into the activities of certain players and the charitable trust being used as the vehicle for laundering the funds.

    I heard from an interesting source about a story being circulated concerning the takeover of all Tainui assets by an entity bearing gifts who is interested in buying all Tainui corporate debts from the banks? That could only mean one thing!

    To enable a takeover there has to be a complete hatchet job on all current structures in order to prepare the way forward to stop any legal backlash later on. That could explain why these crooks are going hell for leather to whip all structures out from under if there is any validity to it? Personally I think it is bullshit but with Tainui how would you know what the hell is going on?

    Get the banks out of the way then you can give the pretence that it is business as usual and still there for the people when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. In essence it is no different to what is currently happening? The people have no voice because these mutts completely iqnore everyone. TKI is dead.

    It could be also be possible as was intimated to me that the mugs in there now are not even aware they are being set up for a hatchet job on themselves further down the track once they have sold everyone else out. That I can believe?


  5. Cory
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 15:11:53

    Well– the ‘other’ proud tribes are watching and learning what not to do to end up bankrupt and owing– Now ‘Tuku More again’ and ‘Whaka no paddle row row’ are launching the mighty ‘Tainui waka’ with a false bottom, and all those dummies that jump on board for the grand ride will sink and drown with their great leaders.
    All will be under the water and no body will see the desperate panic when they find they have sunk– then further down the river the bodies will begin to wash up.
    To late then– so the rest of us stop laughing at these poor greedy soles and watch out for sharks that will still be trying to eat whats left. You may find you are legally owing the debt. If Tainui don’t have any body amongst them to take some legal action to put a hold on the trust funds and start an investigation– your down the river. You can eat your carrot and put the stick where it fits. How sad – this once proud people are letting this happen. One will be to ashamed to admit they are Tainui– or should one say ‘Tukin nui’. Youve been tukin in!!
    Gather together people and take legal advice– the show is nearly over.


  6. Lou matika
    Aug 23, 2015 @ 23:05:42

    What a shame shame shame that slimy tukucruku Morgan is most of that squandered money is banked in the casino,s here and in tassie and melbourne sydney can’t any fraud charges be bought against the whole scummy lot or is the pakeha govt just loving it maori are no good handling large amounts of money got to Tahae jk is probably laughing his head you dumb maori,s it,s dishearten get reading about all these f/////////arseholes keep up the good work erica


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